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The United Feminists Webring - Feminists, grrls, activistas and anyone (female/male) who believes in equality. Feminism IS the belief in equality. If y

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The United Feminists Webring

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Feminists, grrls, activistas and anyone (female/male) who believes in equality. Feminism IS the belief in equality. If you think it is female supremacy, you are dead wrong. Feminism is about equality of life and lifestyle, regardless of race, age or social class. It is not just for upper-class white women. It is for everyone who is being oppressed due to sex and gender.

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   East Timor: Build Women's Power Preview Go
Development at the Rural Community Level
   Women and the Politics of Class Preview Go
Johanna Brenner's new Women and the Politics of Class, containing essays written over a sixteen year period, comes at critical period in American feminism.
   The War, the Women, the West Preview Go
September 11 and the aftermath have revealed a new chapter not only in the fifty-plus-year history of U.S. geopolitical hegemony in the Middle East, but also the Orientalist discourse that dominates the media's analysis of that involvement.

   Feminism and Pornography Preview Go
Sex and Censors
   Women Rising, Then and Now Preview Go
"In the black of the winter of nineteen-nine, When we froze and bled on the picket line, We showed the world that women could fight, And we rose and won with women's might."
   Reviewing Red Preview Go
Women's Lives on the far Left
   Women in Slavery Preview Go
Nike's Sweatshops
   Women in a Neoliberal Order Preview Go
FEMINISTS AND HISTORIANS of the Middle East were a bit surprised last year when Laura Bush made a radio address defending women's rights—in Iraq.
   Women's Prison Preview Go
To visit Dwight Penitentiary is to be made aware of the dichotomy in society's professed atti tudes of rehabilitation for the "fallen woman," and the punishment philosophy which still characterizes much of the program, even when the administrators sanctimoniously deny it.
   Socialist Feminism Preview Go
Since the early nineteenth century, feminists have been drawn to various forms of socialism as a mode of analysis and vision of society. In the U.S., a strong utopian and Christian socialist tradition affected many feminist thinkers.

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