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Uniqueness Ratings Don't Matter Here - This webring is for all sites that have been booted out of webrings for the sake of a uniqueness rating that, frankly, p

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Uniqueness Ratings Don't Matter Here

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Manager: ellenmichelle66
This webring is for all sites that have been booted out of webrings for the sake of a uniqueness rating that, frankly, people surfing for sites don't give a hoot about. So, if you've got a quality, clean site that needs promotion, and don't want to be thrown to the wolves because you're simply trying to promote yourself, then by all means join. You won't be kicked out of this ring- no matter what the 'uniqueness rating' says! It's the overall RING rating I care about.

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   Agnes' sites and rings:art,culture,hobby, travel, ++ Preview Go
I'm interested particularly in art,culture,creativity and computer.I'm member of 1000+ webrings,webmistress and ringmistress of sites about fine art,culture,religion, hobbies, kids,women,cats,computer,travel and more...On my private site I publish my digital artwork, translations,and more. See my sites,join my rings!Guestbook,link exchange.
   Childfree Smokefree Web Ring Home Page Preview Go
Childfree Smokefree Web Ring Home Page.
   Childfree Smokefree Singles Web Ring Home Page Preview Go
Childfree Smokefree Singles Web Ring Home Page.

   Eternal Youth Neodymium Rings Preview Go
Neodymium Magnetic rings (Super powerful magnets) are reported to increase intelligence, cure diseases, speed up the healing process and even STOP AGING. As featured in New York Times best selling book "Natural Cures 'THEY' Don't Want You To Know About" by Author Kevin Trudeau
   Voodoo Velvet Preview Go
Come see the bizarre the beautiful the surreal. All work is original, nontraditional, totally unusual and painted on velvet! This art is more unique then ice cream ear plugs!
   Shades of Reality Preview Go
Welcome to the world of a twisted and sick little writer wannabe. Topics encountered range from vampires and demons to skinny pigs and goats. I'd visit my website if I was you, if only to laugh at the pictures.
   Plus Sizes 4 Her Preview Go
Searching for plus size fashions? Plus Sizes 4 Her has all the best stores specializing in women's plus sizes, extended sizes, and women's sizes 12 and up. Enjoy a unique shopping experience tailored to you- the curvy, beautiful woman.
   Celebrating Us!...Great FreeStuff & Kid Fun, too! Preview Go
MieNet celebrates the Human Being's mind, heart & soul. On the "Celebrate Humanity" Menu: inspiring Poems, Life-changing accounts, self-help Music. Yet more: Holidays, Friendship, Freestuff, MP3s, eBooks, Icons, Cursors, Wallpaper, eCards, Quotes, Humor, Sports, Games, Images, Culinary, Software, Education, Rings, (E)-Books & Fu
   David Graffius' Universe - Favorite NHL Players Preview Go
A site with some of my favorite NHL players along with their stats, career highlights, and some pictures. Many of the guys I have listed are guys I grew up watching with the Pens, and other NHL greats who are now retired, or near retirement.
   Fuzzy Dark Denizens of the Internet Webhub Preview Go
The "home base" of our dark-inspired Webring, featuring a little extra information about us!

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