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The Ring of Underground Art - A hub for amateur, original, online comic and manga style art. It is a ring featuring underground art, ie, manga created

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The Ring of Underground Art

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Manager: saradevil
A hub for amateur, original, online comic and manga style art. It is a ring featuring underground art, ie, manga created by artists starting out for the first time and who want exposure to, recognition for and satisfaction from their own creativity and others'. It will showcase budding talent and be good plain fun for newbies.

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   Real Time Preview Go
The "tipical" fantastic sh˘jo: romance, adventures, comedy. Chapters online, and coming soon: galleries and downlads
   Neo Generation Studios Preview Go
Colored and black&white art, plus the comic 'Our Heaven' created and drawn by me. Very detailed art work, and a more mature style. The story is a look into heaven, our heaven.
   Power Stalkers Preview Go
This comic centers around three people in another world: Arthur, a nutty huminoid, Moreen, a stiff human, and Cadby, a miffed elf. They're all after the same thing; a rock named Edwin. Problem is, it's for different reasons. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Humor/M anga

   Apriberry's Imaginary Land Preview Go
Visit "raspberry's Corner" (as well as "Apriberry's Corner") and check out fanarts, original art, doujinshi and more! hentai free. Well, probably...yaoi full ^___^.
   Moonlight Eevee's Page Preview Go
YATC is about an orphan, Yuki and her cat like friend, Sora. Along with Mii-chan, a weird magical animal like thing, they go on many adventures and make new friends! ^-^ So go and read! =P
   Melissa McMahan - Creations and Exhibits Preview Go
Artist, cartoonist, poet, bard, actress and etc. Creations are original pieces from my own mind.
   Peppy The Piping Pirate Preview Go
"Peppy The Piping Pirate" is about a Panda Bear named Akira. Her side-kick is a rascally privateer named Peppy. Together they Romp Through Mexico and a few other places. **Updated Daily**
   The Naked Elf Preview Go
Gothy elf boy meets gothy elf girl; adventures ensue. (Approx. PG13 for occasional language/nudity.)
   SaraDevil: The Online Gallery Preview Go
SaraDevil: An online gallery collection of the art work and interests of the artist usually known as SaraDevil - Featuring Beautiful Fine Art Nudes
   Angel Images by Lisa Marie Preview Go
Angel art,Spirit Quest paintings and readings. angel portraits and readings. Beautiful artwork for sale. Gorgeous hand painted pet portraits. Animal art.

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