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TV Series Sites Online - TV series in catagory of adventures, mystery, scifi, drama, romance, comedy. No talk shows.

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TV Series Sites Online

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TV series in catagory of adventures, mystery, scifi, drama, romance, comedy. No talk shows.

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   Frank's Hogan's Heroes site Preview Go
Includes a complete episode guide as well as cast biographies. Come ans see why I continue to watch this all time classic.
   Nick & Lulu Wonderland Preview Go
This is a site dedicated to Nick ans Lulu of The Guardian
   Tellyvision Preview Go
For all discussion, fanart and fanfic on all your favourite tv shows - from British soaps like Eastenders to US dramas like Prison Break. The site is pretty bare now, but don't let that put you off - with your help it won't stay that way for long!

   Emergency! The Series Preview Go
Reviews and Information for all seasons and episodes of the 70's hit TV series Emergency
   Alias Smith & Jones Preview Go
This show ran for 3 seasons, Jan 1971 - Jan 1973. Condisering I wasn't even BORN till Dec 1972 don't even ask me how I remember this show, but I do. I remember not liking when Hayes was suddenly someone else. I remember that my Mom was in LOVE with Peter Duel's character and thought Ben Murphy was cute, too. I'm just kinda curious as to HOW I know this and actively remember this series. Weird.
   Jasmine's Emergency! Web Site Preview Go
about 1970's tv drama Emergency! featuring Kevin Tighe and Randy Mantooth with character descriptions, episode guide, filmographies on the cast, and more on the fandom
   You'll Wish You Were Under House Arrest Preview Go
A site that features some of today's best police related programs. Includes sections on Hack, Dragnet, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, Cold Squad and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Each show features a section for actor and character descriptions, an episode guide, a photo gallery, polls and merchandise.
   Vampire High Preview Go
Great Vampire High site online best summary,complete vampire high videos,more about vampire high here.Created by Mark Shekter & Garry Blye
   Tara and Willow Forever Preview Go
This is a site dedicated to Tara ans Willo of buffy the vampire slayer.

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