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Trucks Galore - Trucks Galore is a WebRing for all websites dedicated to the Road Haulage industry. Vintage, Classic and Present Day sit

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Trucks Galore is a WebRing for all websites dedicated to the Road Haulage industry. Vintage, Classic and Present Day sites are all welcome here. If you have a well presented, interesting website that relates to the theme of this webring then you are welcome to join, subject to the ringmasters terms of membership.


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   Morris Commercial Preview Go
The name of William Morris, later Lord Nuffield, and the Bullnose Morris are legendary and although the first light vans were produced on private car chassis from 1913, it was not until 1924 that the first real commercial vehicles bearing the name Morris came into being.
   ERF Preview Go
Edwin R Foden broke away from the family Foden concern and started to make his own diesel powered lorries in 1933 using some proprietery units such as Jenings cabs and Gardner engines.
   Thornycroft Preview Go
The origins of Thornycroft go back to 1864 when John Isaac Thornycroft began building steam-driven launches for river work. Later he turned his attention to steam driven road vehicles and in 1896 produced a steam van, but he kept his marine interests.

   Foden Preview Go
Edwin Foden designed his first steam tractor in 1882 using an efficient design of compound engine and it came into regular production from about 1887. Within 10 years load-carrying steam lorries were on the market and in 1902 production of the famous 5ton lorry commenced which ran until 1923.
   Dennis Preview Go
Dennis Brothers of Guildford p roduced its first commercial vehile in 1904 and had two 14hp two cylinder models and 20,24 and 28hp four cylinder vehicles available two years later. Fire engine production actually started as early as 1908 and a year earlier it had produced a worm-drive 5ton lorry.
   Scammell Preview Go
The name Scammell is automatically associated with articullated lorries, mechanical horses,and heavy haulage. Scammell and Nephew started business as wheelwrights and coachbuilders before producing its first articulated lorry in 1919 utilising lessons and experience gained from World War 1.
   Guy Preview Go
In 1914 Sydney Slater Guy left the Sunbeam Motor Company where he was works manager, and started his own company, almost next door, to produce his own design of commercial vehicles. The new factory was engaged in wartime production almost immediately, but in 1920 vehicle maufacture commenced in earnest with the 25cwt J-type lorries, and later the four wheel and six wheel models for 7-12ton payloads.
   Dodge Preview Go
The American company Dodge Brothers was assembling its imported parts in 1922 and in 1933 commenced manufacture of British chassis, but with American engines and gearboxes, at its works in Kew with its associated company Chrysler.

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