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ORIGINAL Transformers WebRing - A collection of websites containing pages relating to the Transformers (TM) toys, comics, cartoon series, etc...

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ORIGINAL Transformers WebRing

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A collection of websites containing pages relating to the Transformers (TM) toys, comics, cartoon series, etc...


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   The Asylum Preview Go
As far as I know, this is the only page dedicated solely to Cheetor, with links, fanfics, character analysis, and quotes. Come on down and stay a while!
   TheTransFormers: Generation1 Preview Go
Transformers for sale and soon all kinds of links pix, screensavers, and downloads! Stop back often to check for the latest updates!
   Primus Comics On-Line Preview Go
Primus Comics is a group of fanfic TF writers writing in comic style the adventures of the Transformers

   TransFormers: More Than Meets The Eye Preview Go
This page is a small collection of images from the Transformers Movie and Cartoon Series. I have Japanese Transformer images, and also have some images that I have drawn. Small site, but hopefully worthwhile.
   The Devastator Homepage Preview Go
The definitive resource for Constructicon information.
   Terry's Ultimate Transformer Page Preview Go
Lots of pictures, sounds, and a read a long book. Plus.... vote for your favorite transformer! Come take a look!
   Cillacon Preview Go
Cillacon brings forth a comic and magazine based completely on Transformers.
   The Transformers Realm - for everything TF related Preview Go
The TF realm has everything transformers. Including image galleries, downloads, tech specs, articles, polls, links, episode lists, screen caps and much more. It cover transformers series including Generation 1 (G1), Beast Wars (BW), Beast Machines (BM), Transformers Robots In Disguise (RiD or R.I.D.) and the new Transformers Armada. If you have a TF site become affilates with me.
   The Beast Wars Ultimo web page Preview Go
The Beast Wars Ultimo web page is dedicated to all things Beast Wars, including a complete picture archive of all the Beast Wars toys including Botcon Exclusives, Prototypes, and All of the character's tech specs. Along with a very unique feature known as the Beast Warrior of the Month. Which is essentially a fanfic/tech spec of that character. There is also a letter from voice actor Dav
   transformers: Teletran 3 Episode Archives Preview Go
Teletran 3 Episode Archives. This site is for all collector's of the American and Japanese television episodes. I offer custom tapes of all those "hard-to-find" Transformers episodes, as well as Complete sets, from one collector to another.

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