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ORIGINAL Transformers WebRing - A collection of websites containing pages relating to the Transformers (TM) toys, comics, cartoon series, etc...

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ORIGINAL Transformers WebRing

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A collection of websites containing pages relating to the Transformers (TM) toys, comics, cartoon series, etc...


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   Transformers MegaWeb Preview Go
Web recopilatorio de informacion en sobre todo lo relacionado con los Transformers y sus diversas generaciones: juguetes, series animadas, peliculas, comics, libros, videojuegos, foros, etc. en castellano espaņol
   Transfotaku's QR0 Home Preview Go
A huge fan universe known as QR0 lies within. Hundreds of fan specs, a complete history for all continuities together, and more. 43 fanfics for the universe are planned and being written once a week, check out a huge megafic!
   Autobot Nation Preview Go
A Web site devoted to the heroes we all love with fan fiction and art full episode downloads and as much more as i can squeez in

   The Cybertron Museum Preview Go
I am Vector Sigma, Before Cybertron was, I was. I will be your guide to the history of the Transformers. From the Last Great War to the Rebirth of Cybertron as a Techorganic Planet.
   Cybertron Council Preview Go
transformers images fan fic downloads
   Infinite Parallels: The TF Fanfic Site Preview Go
A site devoted to my own Transformers fanfics and discussions.
   Phantom's Fanfic Archive Preview Go
This nifty little page is the home of my wonderful little Transformers fanfics. (don't roll your eyes like that)
   The Transformers DataBank Preview Go
Featuring a chronological collection of in-depth profiles of every single Autobot and Decepticon from the cartoon series.
   Transformers: A New Dawn Preview Go
The Great War is Over. Rodimus Prime and his forces keep peace to the universe against Galvatron and the Decepticons. But what happens when the Quintassons reprogram Optimus Prime to destroy the ones he loved in life? What happens when Galvatron and Rodimus pass through an inter-dimensional portal? Is Optimus going to fulfill the Quintassons' evil plan? The 2nd Great War has began.
large transformers site, including image scans of transformer boxes, and more.

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