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TransFans Web Ring - TransFans Web Ring is designed for all Transformers related web sites. Only requirement is that it has a decent amount o

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TransFans Web Ring

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Manager: cartoonsurf
TransFans Web Ring is designed for all Transformers related web sites. Only requirement is that it has a decent amount of content on it, and not just links. All genre of Transformers are welcome (Transformers, Beast Wars, Machine Wars)

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   Darkheart's RPG Shrine Preview Go
Based loosely on Beast Machines, this site houses two different BM-esque RPG's, as well as fan art, fan fic, and lots more!
TF G1 site with up to date info on NEW events, and sneek preview of brand new TF G1 comic by Pat Lee
   Wolf Den Transformers and TTCG Home Preview Go
Transformers for sale. Transformer Trader and Collector's Guild home and member site. Public Transformer condition rating system TTCGRS. Come join the TTCG.

   Grimlock's Storage Room Preview Go
TF:TM Live streaming soundtrack for those who have RealPlayer 5.0 or Greater. Video Collections... Transformers G1 & Beast Wars Episode Tapes for sale (All of them). Need I say more?
   Transformers: Teletran 3 Episode Archives Preview Go
Teletran 3 Episode Archives. This site is for all collector's of the American and Japanese television episodes. I offer custom tapes of all those "hard-to-find" Transformers episodes, as well as Complete sets, from one collector to another.
   Transfotaku's Geek Site Preview Go
Not just Transformers, but Transfotaku loves everything geek related! Perhaps not the fans. Forums, wiki, galleries, support for fanon, canon, fanfics, and so on!
   The Transformers DataBank Preview Go
Featuring a chronological collection of in-depth profiles of every single Autobot and Decepticon from the cartoon series.
   Transfotaku's QR0 Home Preview Go
Home of the QR0 multiverse and its various fanfics, and other information from Transfotaku.
   stefans transformer fan club Preview Go
Transformers fan club. Buy, sell, and trade.
   The Asylum Preview Go
As far as I know, this is the only page dedicated solely to Cheetor of the BW universe, with fanfics, links, quotes, and character analysis, but none of those nasty geo-popups!

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