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Titanic Freaks - another Titanic webring. Nothing unique, just another Ring about the ship or the movie

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Titanic Freaks

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Manager: lazarst
another Titanic webring. Nothing unique, just another Ring about the ship or the movie


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   Mary's Story Preview Go
Fan fiction toward from the viewpoint of a new character- steerage passenger Mary Bourke. She knew Jack from his life before and has plenty of new viewpoints on the events.
   A Woman's Heart is a Deep Ocean of Secrets Preview Go
A Tribute to Titanic. Includes articles, links, webrings, and more.
   Jenn's Titanic Page Preview Go
fun site

   Titanic Mania Preview Go
My site is all about the Titanic(the Movie). It is full of fun and excitment. It is also a new site that I am expanding on everyday.
   Titanic - The Uncut Script Preview Go
The best and only way to view the UNCUT script for Titanic. Easy to follow with pictures. Plus much more.
   Rose DeWitt Bukater's Closet Preview Go
Includes descriptions of all of the major dresses and other garments worn by Kate Winslet throughout the 1997 film "Titanic". Also included are various links to seamstresses who will create replicas of Ms. Winslet's gowns, and much more!
   Titanic Memorabilia & Collectibles Preview Go
On this page you will find the 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic collectibles and memorabilia. Plus Titanic true facts, movie or documentaries, history, pictures, memento, souvenir or souvenirs, relic or relics. Keepsakes. You should be able to find passenger lists but not any artifact exhibition information here. Titanic documentary DVD's can be found here.
   Rachel's World Preview Go
lots of stuff, titanic, r&j, GH, matthew, obcession webring etc
   The Ice-Box Door Preview Go
Hi, I am Pedro Huggins (James Huggins' younger & better looking brother), like Jim-Bob (as we call James round the ole kitchen table), I look forward to the opportunity of foisting my website upon this ring despite a total lack of relevant content. What the heck, that little stickin' point never stops James from joining wazillions of rings, does it? Thanks for the idea, Bro!

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