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Theory of Everything - Theory of Everything Sites: - - Add your site. - - This a collection of various minds trying to solve the problem that E

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Theory of Everything

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Theory of Everything Sites: - - Add your site. - - This a collection of various minds trying to solve the problem that Einstein failed to solve.

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   Aristotle's Lyceum in Cyberspace Preview Go
Aristotle's Lyceum in Cyberspace http://webspace.webring.com/people/xj/jefferywinkler/Aristotles_Lyceum_in_Cyberspace.html This is Jeffery Winkler's homepage. Read his articles on a wide range of subjects including physics, astronomy, biology, geology, mathematics, computers, politics, history, mythology, religion, art, and other subjects. Read his poetry, short stories, screenplays, and interactive novel. He also draws fantasy art.
   Sean - - unabridged original version Preview Go
Word has it that the illegal Irish Republican Army left all the sex in this version so their illegal agents would read it and then know exactly how to get a tombstone passport and drivers license while in London.
   Importance of the Surroundings Preview Go
Ernst Mach told us our surroundings were important. . Now Milo Wolff shows us this in a different light.

   Potential Solutions by Ph.D. Sol Aisenberg Preview Go
Now, Potential Solutions to Many of the Mysteries in Astrophysics and the Universe by Sol Aisenbein, Ph.D.
   Aufbau Laws Preview Go
These Aufbau Laws are the universal construction laws that this universe uses to build itself. . These are basic Theory of Everything Laws.
   A New Theory of the Universe Preview Go
A New Theory of the Universe by Sol Aisenberg, Ph.D.
   Fitz's Theory of Everything LETTERS Preview Go
Fitz's letters to various scientists about different aspects of this Theory of Everything concept, plus more.
   Fitzpatrick's famous letters to various scientists Preview Go
Various letters to different scientists by Fitzpatrick.
   Saul Perlmutter's discovery Preview Go
Saul Perlmutter's group discovered that this expansion of the universe is accelerating. . Saul Perlmutter says this necessitates Einstein's original cosmological constant. . But what is Einstein's original cosmological constant?
   Let's look at Milo Wolff's WSM Preview Go
Is this a universe built of spherical standing wave particles as quantum mechanics suggests?

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