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American Pit Bull Terrier - Find in this ring all manner of sites, personal, academic and/or commercial, pertaining to the interesting breed of dog

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American Pit Bull Terrier

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Manager: genessa
Find in this ring all manner of sites, personal, academic and/or commercial, pertaining to the interesting breed of dog known as the American Pit Bill Terrier.  You may find sites maintained by breeders, showers, trainers, fans of the breed, people who keep them as family pets and/or merchants who have related goods available for sale.


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   PR Rocky Boy Blue Preview Go
beautiful blue pitbull and links to bloodline and kennel and responsible ownership
   Pretty Red Pits Preview Go
Small kennel dedicated to breeding for temperment. Our dogs are so people oriented they think they are people. Our babies only go to good homes, no fighting.
   Me and my Pit's Preview Go
How each one of APBT has became a part of our family, and the impact they have had on our lifes. Pictures and some of the things we have been through by raising this breed.

   IWPA Photo Gallery Preview Go
Weight Pulling photos of the IWPA Competitors for the current pulling season. As the season progresses photos will be placed in the order of points for each Reg and Weight Class. A great place to show your dogs accomplishments in the IWPA.
   Ask A Pit Bull Preview Go
this is a blog from a pit bull point of view on everything from relaitionships to politics. i will always promote positive discussion on pit bulls an i Do Not condone fighting or teaching human aggression.
   Save The Pit Bulls Preview Go
The site for everything pit bull. We have all the information you want including facts/myths, pictures, history, petitions, and everything in between.
   Skelly's REAL Pits Preview Go
The purpose of my site is to promote the positive aspects of the breed, provide information and assistance with any questions, and to post pictures of APBTs with children, other animals, or doing something extraordinary.
   genessa -- webring! Preview Go
If you're seeing this site in one of my rings, consider it an unofficial manager's page); otherwise it's my page about which rings I manage AND about WebRing in general, including WebRing membership and management. If THIS ring isn't on the page, it's due to be merged; check join instructions to see where.

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