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.:Androgyn Fashion & Art:. - This ring used to be called TG Fashion & Fellowship but has changed its name. It used to focus on transgendered, cro

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.:Androgyn Fashion & Art:.

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Manager: lilithezine
This ring used to be called TG Fashion & Fellowship but has changed its name. It used to focus on transgendered, crossdressing & transvestite fashion, but now has expanded to include anything about Androgynous fashion. - - - - - Androgyny is a mix of both male and female concepts. Thats all they are, societal concepts. In old Scotland, the concept of wearing pants was considered silly. Real men wear KILTS (small surprise I'm Scottish and can say this). - - - - - This is a ring for REVOLT FASHION. People who make fashion statements and don't care what others think. This is for people who love kilts, who love gothic or punk fashion... or even Gothic Cowgirls! (gotta luv those gothic cowgirls!) We will continue to include (fashion) sites for transvestites, drag queens, drag kings, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered people... but we want to expand that include everyone who walks a different walk, and dresses a different way. - - - - - - - - - - The painting above (Salmacis in the Rain) is by Charles Alexander Moffat of the Lilith Gallery of Toronto.


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   The Modern Corset Preview Go
Mon dieu! What have we done to the modern corset!?!?!?
   The Right Tights Preview Go
A virtual museum of hosiery and packaging from the UK
   Pete Burns FanGallery Preview Go
Pete Burns from the 80's band Dead or Alive! Androgyny galore, you will love it! TONS, I swear, TONS of pics! Check me out, please! :-)

   Simply Playful Preview Go
Simply Playful Lingerie & T-Shirts....Check out our low prices and huge selections.
   Paradox: Lingerie, Drag Queens and Feminine Feminists Preview Go
An article about the sexual paradoxes of society.
   The Autobiography of Victoria Van Dyke Preview Go
Controversial lesbian artist known for her "castration poetry", her retro-erotica collages and her cannibalistic photography. Victoria Van Dyke was raped by two men when she was only 13 years old. She now uses her past as a tool to warn others about pedophiles/rapists. 1 out of every 3 women are sexually abused.
   Gothic Art & Photography by Victoria Van Dyke Preview Go
Victoria Van Dyke's art is nasty, erotic, gothic and... Cannibalistic!!!??? Thats right. She's a cannibal.
   Long Hair is Back in Fashion!!! Preview Go
Thanks to Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Viggo Mortensen, long hair is back in fashion! Across North America and beyond, men are starting to grow their hair long again.
   The Lilith Library Archive Preview Go
The Lilith Library Archive is a collection of images of Lilith, Eve, succubi, vampires, succubus-like creatures and mythological/biblical females. The archive has been collected for use by those curious about or interested in Lilith and/or female archetypes.
   Caroline Folkenroth at the Lilith Gallery of Toronto Preview Go
Caroline Folkenroth is a guest artist at the Lilith Gallery. Her work is more fantasical and has a folk art style, often using themes of fantasy in her work. She has created her own "stylized visual language" and works towards creating "a visually beautiful, sensual, and emotion, euphoric experience". She also works in clay and wax, but at present the Lilith Gallery shows none of her sculpture pieces.

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