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Custom Made Fashion - Brand-made and tailor-made clothing, suits, dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses, lingerie, corsets, hats, jewelry, accessor

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Custom Made Fashion

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Manager: lilithezine
Brand-made and tailor-made clothing, suits, dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses, lingerie, corsets, hats, jewelry, accessories, shoes and boots. Plus general websites about fashion and the fashion industry.

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   The Modern Corset Preview Go
Mon dieu! What have we done to the modern corset!?!?!?
   Tailor-made suit and clothing Preview Go
Tailor-made suit, tuxedo, slack, shirt, 3-piece suit. Made of the finest cashmere material. All products are personally tailored by bespoke tailor. High quality, Cheapest Price. Guarantee!
   Mens Wear and footwear Page Preview Go
mens wear,clothes,suits,shoes,shirts,under wear,socks,pants,slacks,cuff links,tux,clothing,groom,fashions.Looking for Mens wear or footwear,or a great gift idea for the man in your life, then check out our mens wear page

   Custom made dachshund clothes Preview Go
Custom made dachshund clothes, accessories, discussion forums.
   True Haute Couture has Vanished Preview Go
According to Pierre Cardin, designs today are beautiful but not fashion. At 82 years old, Pierre Cardin is now a fashion icon and has put his entire empire up for sale. Modern clothes are unwearable and the fashion industry has been disfigured by big business, nudity and prostitution, says legendary designer Pierre Cardin.
   The Bikini turns 60! Preview Go
1946 to 2006: 60 Years of Bikini Bathing Beauties!
   Fashion Designers want Guidelines for Models Preview Go
The North American fashion industry says it wants its models to be healthy, not anorexic, not bulimic and not chain-smokers. And to help models achieve that, the Council of Fashion Designers of America has released a list of recommendations as part of a new health initiative. Plus additional articles about anorexia and real people.
   Counterfeit Goods Dangerous Preview Go
Canada has become a mecca for counterfeit goods, but these cheaper rip-off copies of everything from clothes to pharmaceuticals to batteries are dangerous. Highly inflammable clothes, false birth control pills that could get you pregnant and batteries that explode. Think twice before you buy counterfeit.
   The History of the Bra Preview Go
History & Info on Bras and Breasts.
   The Corset Waist Preview Go
A waist is a terrible thing to waste...

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