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Stuff Sucks - This webring is for people who know that stuff just plain sucks. Whether you're an anarchist or just a plain old fashion

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Stuff Sucks

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Manager: lilithezine
This webring is for people who know that stuff just plain sucks. Whether you're an anarchist or just a plain old fashioned pessimist, you KNOW that the world (and especially the United States) is going to hell in a handbasket. - - - - - Lets step back and enjoy the fireworks... - - - - - Anarchism, pessimism, communism, capitalism, socialism, NAME YOUR POISON! Politics is always corrupt because we always "elect" the rich and corrupt.

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Starting with "Tim Skirvin Lays Down the Law. Sort of." An ode to the folly of crowds, especially the ones with Internet Access..
   Outrageous! Preview Go
On this page, I tell the reader how it was that Webring's habit of fixing that which isn't broken thwarted me for quite a while as I tried to set up my page. Good service, this was not. Note: "ranting randomly" would seem to be what an employee of or volunteer for Webring rewrote my site description to read, putting his editorial power to use in a not very cool (or very ethical) sort of way while I wasn't looking, as he renamed this site to "random ranting"
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About my love of many things. :)

   A Classical Traditionalist's Rebuttal to Racialism Preview Go
A response written from what was a Graeco-Roman syncretic viewpoint to some of the racialism entering Roman Reconstructionist Paganism at the time
   BRC Independence and the ePlaya fireback group Preview Go
A yahoogroup and a googlegroup in tandem, for those who'd like to create their own events that get back to more of what Burning Man used to be about, returning the focus to the art.
   Shadowwar.com Preview Go
We are a anti-authoritian site into distributing info concerning anarcho-nihilism, survival, self defense, privacy, diy how-to's, frugal living, skams and various dirty tricks. Lots of links, plus some art, humor, and articles. FUCK ALL SYSTEMS!
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