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Starshield: The Ring of Empires - The Ring of Empires is a webring linking the many and varied Empire websites out there that are part of the collaborativ

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Starshield: The Ring of Empires

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The Ring of Empires is a webring linking the many and varied Empire websites out there that are part of the collaborative-universe project known as "StarShield", created by NYT best-selling authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

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   Omnet Online Preview Go
This is the 'Official' unofficial fan-site for Starshield. Here you can find the new CofC, Galactipaedia and Star Maps. We will be updating continuously, so check back often!
   Fab'Rini Federation Online Embassy Preview Go
The Online Embassy will include maps, stories, and a complete Archive of all things that have happened in the former Chilkit Coalition and the new Fab'Rini Federation. Located in the heart of Sector G, this Empire is poised to be a galactic hot bed of plots and drama led by the President of the Federation.
   Galax Reference Terminal Preview Go
In a remote stellar cluster lies the Domain, home to an ancient race of sentients known as the Galax. Peaceful explorers, they seek only to expand their knowledge of the Universe.

   Everton Imperium Cyberconsolate Preview Go
The online home of the Everton Imperium. Located on the Sector B/H border. The Everton Imperium welcomes sentients to visit and learn.
   Protectorate of Avalon Preview Go
OOC information about my Empire, the Protectorate of Avalon, a minor empire in the Starshield Universe.
   Hetherson's Swarm Preview Go
Not an empire in the traditional sense (it lacks a centralised government), Hetherson's Swarm is an isolated and quarantained remote corner of Sector C.
   Confederation of Democratic Worlds Preview Go
The home of the Confederation of Democratic Worlds, a Starshield Minor Empire in Sector H near the border of Sectors B and G.
   The Selesthian Empire Homepage Preview Go
Located in Sector H, region 1, the Shuraki are Class IV sentients ready to establish contact with their peers. Home to the Sesth IV Ring Complex.

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