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Spiritualist - This ring has been created for all members of the Spiritualist Religion, as a place to link together their spiritual web

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Manager: zohrala
This ring has been created for all members of the Spiritualist Religion, as a place to link together their spiritual websites.If your site is about mediumship, healing or history or whatever to do with your spiritual nature; please join in.

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   Earth Moon and Fire Preview Go
A Site about Reiki and Self Enpowerment,using the universal energy sources to heal and move towards spiritual freedom
   Mediums World - the world of mediumship Preview Go
Mediums World is a site for mediums, psychics and spiritualists, for those who aspire to be mediums, and the experienced medium.
   Boldly Go Preview Go
Having an interest in both New Age Spirituality, A course In Miracles, and Star Trek, I've noticed certain Peralells, and have boldly gone where even a Klingon might fear to tred.

   Gods Love for Us Preview Go
Gods Love, How much does God Love us, This page has many articles and links to help you find this out, Included is an article by Ben-Ezra Bautista where he tells his personal experience of Gods Love, Also Bible Prophecies.
   Sessions With Spirit Preview Go
A portal of the spiritual work of Rose Campbell, psychic channel. Various sites to choose, including pod casts of Diana Spencer, speaking through her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis from her afterlife, answering questions about her life and her views. Conducted by another Diana channel, Rose Campbell. Fascinating material.
   The FSC Preview Go
The Flint Spiritual Church is an independent, progressive, non-traditional Christian Church and is founded upon the sacred teachings of the Holy Bible; to bring mankind the understanding of spirituality according to the fundamentals of Spiritualism.
   Shanoshea Preview Go
A lightworkers site. A dedication to Mother Earth. A spiritual sharing site. I also do Angel and Fairy readings. Beautiful spiritual pictures are on every page.
   Spiritual Journey Preview Go
My web pages are about my spiritual journey, learning about the different paths of Paganism. My beliefs center around those that are centered in nature.
   Saviour Behaviour Preview Go
Vast Collection of Behavioural Quotes to Facilitate Spiritual Growth. Channeled and 3D Sources. Nice Fantasy Art Pictures as well.
   Portland Spiritualist Church, Westbrook Maine Preview Go
The science, philosophy and religion of Modern Spiritualism teaches that there is no death, but life everlasting. Mediumship and spiritual healing are the work of Spiritualist Mediums - clairvoyants and clairaudients who channel Spirit Readings, psychic readings and Spirit Guides for spiritual seekers who believe in Life After Death.

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