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Dogs and Cats With Special Needs - Our WebRing is dedicated to dogs and cats that have a disease or disability which may require special needs or care. As

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Dogs and Cats With Special Needs

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Our WebRing is dedicated to dogs and cats that have a disease or disability which may require special needs or care. As owners of these special animal we understand what a joy they are and that they can live happy, healthy (and normal) lives. We welcome anyone who has a Web Site that tells of dogs or cats with special needs in their life. We also welcome all to come and read about our wonderful cats and dogs!

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   Minnie's Menagerie Preview Go
Kitties, their photos, great music and graphics, Come see the Beanie Kitty Fashion Show, Visit with the Orphan Kitties and Miss Minnie who was diagnosed with Diabetes.
   Deacon William Blackstone's Page! Preview Go
Blind dog owners share their stories of adapting to their pet's blindness and retraining for a more normal life.
   Shana's World Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the things in life that matter to me, mainly my pets - especially my Siberian Husky who suffers from Epilepsy. There's plenty of pictures and great graphics.

   Ren's Cat Page Preview Go
meet my cats. See some of the feral and wild cats that I have worked with. Verterinary health and cat care.Meet my Leslie who is FIV pos.
   vom Viersen Rottweilers - Jake, the 3-legged SchH dog Preview Go
Jake lost his right front leg in an accident. His page talks about the accident and surgery, but it's really about life with a three-legged rottweiler and his pals.
   Canine Epilepsy: Micah's Journey Preview Go
This site is dedicated to Micah and his struggle with epilepsy. This site will also track his progress and various therapies. It contains helpful links and information pertaining to K-9 Epilepsy and various treatments.
   Some Moore Cats - Maxwell's Story Preview Go
Meet Maxwell, learn about his battle with feline leukemia, and read his journal, The Diary of a FeLV Cat. While you're there, enjoy the lighter side of things with pictures and stories of the other Moore cats, play a few games, send a few postcards, and find information on many feline resources, particularly health related, in our resource directory.
   Yodi the RT's Website Preview Go
This website is for Yodi, our rat terrier puppy. Yodi was recently attacked by a pitbull and had to undergo several surgeries to fix his wounds and to restore his health, one of them being the amputation of his left front leg. Since the amputation, his health has improved greatly. He's now on the road to recovery and we are happy to have our puppy back!
   The Story of DusDee Preview Go
This is a story of DusDee finding us and coming to live with us and be healthy. She was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 6 months and will soon be 6 years old. She is our love. We are completely committed to her well being and good health and she is totally committed to loving us unconditionally.
   Lessons Learned Preview Go
This is a very personal site. It is about me, my dog and canine epilepsy.....

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