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SilverCrossings Shadowrun - A high-quality ring for pages dedicated to the Shadowrun RPG. All pages have original content. Growing fast - come and c

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SilverCrossings Shadowrun

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A high-quality ring for pages dedicated to the Shadowrun RPG. All pages have original content. Growing fast - come and check it out if you have an interest in Shadowrun. We're the biggest Shadowrun Webring, and still the best!

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   Shadowrun D20 Conversion Preview Go
Currently and constantly growing project converting Shadowrun System to D20. Character sheets, rules, spells, equipment and More! All at one site!
   Shadowrun Additions and Expansions Preview Go
Fantastic original equipment and gear, includes pregenerated teams and easy to follow Armor Creation Charts.
   Ghost's Virtual Realities Preview Go
My site deals with the life and times of my Shadowrun Character 'Ghost in the machine'. From his birth.. to his second marriage.. with children. Its a bit more in depth, than most other runners page. Tho, if you read it.. you will see that I've given my character.. quite a life. Enjoy!

   Black IC Preview Go
This page is primarily here to record the escapades of several groups of runners that our gaming group has played over the years. This isn't meant to be an archive site (there are a number of those, see links below) just a collection of SR related things that resulted from our campaigns.
   dentonb/Shadow Hunter Preview Go
art and designs for shadowrun
   Brimber's Shadowrun Page Preview Go
This site is designed from the perspective of one of my old characters. Brimber will describe the world from his point of view. Also a really cool street smarts test to see what you know about the world of shadowrun. I will also post things from my current campaign (ie. runs recaps, characters, etc.). Hope you find it interesting!
   Dennis' shadowrun page Preview Go
My page is about the party i play in. I present some characters, quotes and stuff like that.
   The Shadow Realm Preview Go
Filled with Shadowrun art, Run ideas, New Guns, New Cyberware, New Bioware, Updates on Our Gaming Group, and Links. This site is very grafics intensive.
   Shatter's Shadowrun Homepage Preview Go
A collection of new Magical Groups, Spells, Cyberware, Weapons, Equipment, and ideas either added by the page creator or from submmisimions of visitors
   The Vortex Preview Go
new look and place for old site written by Sebastian Wiers and Robert Boyle. Some new rules, old SR2 house FAQ, characters and campaign info.

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