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Animals, Wildlife, and Environment Ring - Sites for animals, wildlife, environmental lovers, and sites that involve the veg. lifestyle and it's benefits. This is

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Animals, Wildlife, and Environment Ring

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Sites for animals, wildlife, environmental lovers, and sites that involve the veg. lifestyle and it's benefits. This is a place to share your heart and pages with others. We do not support the profiteering of companion animals or wildlife in any form, nor do we support animal testing.


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   Go Veggie with Paul McCartney Preview Go
Paul McCartney is not only a talented musician, songwriter, ex-Beatle and eternal hottie but he and his late wife Linda have inspired thousands to embrace animal welfare causes and a vegetarian lifestyle. Photos, facts & books by and about Paul & Linda McCartney, including Linda's excellent cookbooks and Paul's latest tour DVD & CD.
   People Affecting Climate Preview Go
Whether you believe it or not, there is ample empirical evidence that humans contribute to changes taking place on our planet that are leading to changes in climate patterns that *may* have measurable effects on the planet's ecosystem. What are people doing to help or hinder climate change? I explore this in my blog posts. Latest: Flexible solar panels.
   veganism (subdir of pyra's inferno) Preview Go
info about veganism, factory farming, some vegan stories and a small (But growing) vegan recipe archive:)

   Bob Ruhf's Vegetarian Page Preview Go
This is my personal web site related to vegetarian. Among other things, it contains my story about how and why I became a vegetarian.
   This is my website and i am god Preview Go
my website is about me, and what inspires me to do what i do i love animals and the environment
   living world Preview Go
the wilderness isn't just out there.it's near you,it's the wild place you cherish and the wild life that make it special stop distroying it make it better, simple things will make a difference , start today. this blog is about animals and enviromental problems and sharing ways where we could make the earth a better place.
   Animalia Shelter Preview Go
site of Animalia wildlife shelter Melbourne Austalia for the care of injured and orphand native wildlife
   Vegan Web Girl Preview Go
This is my blog where I post links to vegan recipes that I find around the web, and also cute animal pictures.
   Animals and Wildlife Preview Go
Current news and information from the animal kingdom. What's going on the world of pets, wildlife, animal rights and endangered species. I've taken time to gather together as many sources as possible so that readers can find things all in one place. Here!
   Desert Willow Aussies Preview Go
Desert Willow is an established "Family" Kennel that has strived to keep this exquisite breed to it's original design with emphasis on disposition/health and beauty. We provide our dogs with the best feed available and offer "lifetime support" in educating on Healthy Eating, Vacations & Socialization approaches. We feed and distribute Flint River Ranch and Life's Abundance products because they're the best!

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