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SERIOUS ABOUT ART - A WebRing of ARTISTS who live and breathe creativity. More than art! This site offers art resources with links to enrich

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Manager: wii_girl
A WebRing of ARTISTS who live and breathe creativity. More than art! This site offers art resources with links to enrich creative experiences - an art and artists directory including websites of traditional artwork, paintings, sculptures, prints of masters and upcoming artists, photography and much much more..


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   Folksy Inspired Art by Nari Preview Go
This site features a variety of mediums and it's content is based on past news trends. Feminism, computer generated, original, imaginative, outsider parody, psychedelic, expressionism, folk inspired. Zen flowers, abstract women. A few public officials unlike you've seen them before; taking a poke at Western society. Art as social commentary.
   Artistic Intelligence Preview Go
This is an online Art showcase featuring abstract paintings in acrylic, high quality still life pencil works, gestural drawings, sketches, digital work, mixed media. The artist specializes in Abstract painting and studying of graphite nudes.
   Zen in the Arts WebRing Preview Go
Interfaith links & resources for instruction in various meditation techniques, including Theravada, Ch'an, Won, Zen, Pure Land, Tendai, Shingon, Tibetan, Yogacara, Nichiren & more.... Homepage of the 'Zen and the Arts' WebRing!

   Middle America After Dark: Average Jane Art Erotica Preview Go
Upbeat contemporary male & female nudes and funny fine art in Matisse-like slice-of-life scenes. Painterjayne paints erotica with personality and sensuality.
   Minos Six Art & Design Preview Go
Welcome to Minos Six Art & Design - 3D Digital Art, Dark Art, Photography, Mixed Media and more - hundreds of pages of free-to-view content, with no pop-ups or advertising.
   ASCII art generator and pictures text-image.ru Preview Go
ASCII Art generator and Gallery - Categories include: cartoon characters, animals, angels, peoples, sport, animations
   paintings by hifijohn Preview Go
A collection of my many paintings and wall art projects.
   The Lilith Gallery Network Webrings Preview Go
Promote your site for free in the LG Network.
   Online Art Gallery-Artist Portfolio-Artworks For Sale Preview Go
Online art gallery featuring thousands of artists, artworks for sale, this global arts resource provides you with access to artist portfolio. Showcase your artwork to the world by exhibiting your portfolio or gallery on ARTQ.NET.
   Angels by Sharae - Original Fine Art Angel Paintings Preview Go
Angel Paintings by Internationally recognized intuitive Angel Artist Sharae Taylor, an artist on a Spiritual Journery "I Shall Paint Angels".God works through her beautiful, ethereal art astonishing most who come into contact with these Angel paintings & their reaction to the Love & Light that projects from these Living works of Art.Guardian Angels & Archangels work through Sharae delivering their message of Light.

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