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Sailorsenshi RPG Webring - A webring dedicated to linking all of the Sailormoon Role Playing Games on the Internet, allowing people to nab that rol

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Sailorsenshi RPG Webring

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Manager: moonatic
A webring dedicated to linking all of the Sailormoon Role Playing Games on the Internet, allowing people to nab that role they wish for. ^^

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   Mikomi no Gengetsu Preview Go
An anime/sailormoon based RPBeM, that is accepting any anime characters, SailorMoon series characters, and created/fanfic characters.
   The New Generation Preview Go
This is a sailor senshi RPG that takes place in the future after the original senshi have retired and their children have stepped up to take their place.
   Dreams of a Crystal Future::A Sailor Moon RPG Preview Go
There came a time when everyone forgot. It was as if the day that Usagi met Luna had never happened. Can the senshi be reawakened in time before the Seven Evils- Chaos, Misfortune, Misery, Demonia, Pain, Fear and Death- destroy our world? Or is it already too late?

   Shattered Futures: A Crystal Tokyo Rpg Preview Go
Four hundred years after the reign of the first Queen Serenity, the Monarchy has fallen into corruption and tyranny..... A brand new chat rpg, looking for members.
   Shaded Metallic Eyes Preview Go
Otaku Senshi RPG
   The Lunar Battle Preview Go
An event from Princess Serenity's past saved the future from continous Evil. The Sailor Senshi have long been put to rest, and the 11th Generation of the Imperium Silver Crystal has claimed the throne. Now Evil has returned from Hell in a final battle to destroy the Good who defeated them.
   Mission Of The Senshi Preview Go
Chapter 1: Senshi’s first mission: Evil Queen Sphere. New senshi’s have arise and Villains to. Queen Sphere, the Evil one, is planning with her minions to take the soul of the innocent one’s and to control the citizens of Earth. Will the new senshi that have arise defeat Queen Sphere and her minions in battle before the Earth is controlled by Sphere?
   l o s t s e n s h i . . . Preview Go
A Sailormoon RPG taking place in Yakima, Washington. All original characters. Nice, big city and surrounding area to destroy...
   Saikyo Chaos Realm Preview Go
An anime and Street Fighter fan site with insane humor, galleries and a forum for RPG and chatting with others. Mostly for older fans of Street Fighter, Vega/Chun-Li and Sailor Pluto.
   The Galactic Deities RPG Preview Go
The people of Saskatoon (Canada) hold the pieces to a great lost power. The Assembly of the Gods wants that power. The four senshi teams are fighting to keep the power and people safe.

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