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Sci-Fi and Fantasy - A webring for anyone who has published, written, or is interested in reading science fiction. Aimed at authors seeking t

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Sci-Fi and Fantasy

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A webring for anyone who has published, written, or is interested in reading science fiction. Aimed at authors seeking to promote their books, or authors with manuscripts to publish. News on new SF books, SF magazines, SF movies, etc.


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   The Haven: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance Preview Go
Your home for the work of Clare Dargin, author of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance. Read her books, check out news on her upcoming work and much more.
   Star Yecch! Preview Go
Skewering the worlds of Star Trek enough to make Roddenberry spin in his grave!
   It's a big bad galaxy out there. A new sci-fi trilogy. Preview Go
In a galaxy of overrun by pirates, aliens and drug runners, who do you trust? And when the chips are down and war breaks out, who are your friends? At issue? In the eternal battle between good and evil, hate and love, and between hope and despair, when friends die, loyalties are tested, and betrayals are revealed, which side will you choose?

   Cinefania Preview Go
Online database of horror, sci-fi and fantasy movies (in spanish).
   Jim Schicatano's Short Stories Preview Go
Page contains links to the original science fiction, fantasy, thriller, and horror stories that I've had published through the years. Definitely worth a look!
   COSMIC WIND Preview Go
Science fiction and fantasy from fanzines i published in the 60's/70's is in PHANTASMAGORIA; contemporary prose-poetically evocative mythic dreamweaving fantasy is in IMAGINATIVE WORLDS. Lots of Quality Poetry with frequently stunning graphics. We update monthly.
   Ogledalo Science Fiction Preview Go
This website is a beginning experiment in forming my own flavor of speculative fiction. Although new to internet publication, I have several decades of writings that I wish to present to readers and writers. My hope is that no one finds my work either boring or too self-centered. I first acquired my interest in science fiction in the early 1940s. My education was centered in history and my stories are polychronic, ranging all over recorded time. I have all my life been fascinated by mirrors and reflected images. If there is any main theme in my work, it is the concept of human nature as a catoptric lens containing a multitude of vibrating levels. That is what may lie at the root of everyone’s inner complexity. I confess that I find the tales more interesting than myself or my own life.
   TheWritingBee Preview Go
Fiction, writing links and recommendations, images.
Blog for the novels STONE LORD and Moon Lord, which take the Arthurian legends and move them back in time...into the early British bronze age, the era of Stonehenge. Epic story but containing real archaeology, based on the most recent finds near Stonehenge--Blick Mead mesolithic site with its purple stones, and the settlement at Durrington Walls.
   Echo Nations Preview Go
Science Fiction and Fantasy book reviews.

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