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Saber Marionette J Web Ring - Saber Marionette J is one of the better anime (japanese animation) to make it's way to america. SMJ takes place on Terra

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Saber Marionette J Web Ring

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Manager: animationturnpike
Saber Marionette J is one of the better anime (japanese animation) to make it's way to america. SMJ takes place on Terra 2, a colony populated by clones of six male humans - survivors of the ill-fated colonization expedition. Because there were no women on Terra 2, the men built androids called "Marionettes" to fill the void. The story revolves around a citizen of Terra 2 and the three very special Marionettes, telling how their lives and destiny become inextricably bound together.

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   Telboy's Shrine to Saber Marionette J Preview Go
My thoughts and ramblings about one of the greatest anime series the world has ever witnessed. It's got some pictures, quotes, links...
   Hanami's Saber Marionette World Preview Go
SMJ to X is summarized by MPEG-4(asf video) on this site. Additionally, there are sections such as Picture Gallery, Sound Track CD, Comics, Summary of Original Novels, Automatic Translation, and Winamp Skins.
   Saber Marionette J Preview Go
Includes rare multimedia, pictures, character descriptions for all the character to appear on SMJ, and a full synopsis for those who have no clue what SMJ is.

   TERRA II - The World of Marionettes Preview Go
A good site about saber marionette with a lot of info, mp3, midis, videos, images, hentai, owner top, manga...
   The Saber Site Preview Go
The On-line Saber Marionette encyclopedia vol. 2, get an information overload with more Saber Marionette series summaries and briefings, plus all new SMJ wallpapers and more!
   CherryLime Preview Go
A ~*quaint*~ little site about Saber Marionette J! Includes character and storyline info, links and few images. Hope to upgrade to a more multimedia resource soon!
   Angel's Animefan club Saber Marionette J OVA Shrine Preview Go
On our site you can find all the info, music, images, multimedia things and much more about Saber Marionette J OVA. Later we'll add Saber Marionette J to X
   Tenshi Yume Preview Go
This is my first site, it has an anime archive with alot of anime's, characters bio's, chat, forum, alot of pictures, SMJ, DBZ, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, and more.
A very archive of smj with a playstation game with full codes and cheats!
   Otaru's World Preview Go
Find out about Saber Marionette

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