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Rutger Hauer Wonderful - Uniqueness: 100--WEBRING- A wbring for Spirituality and Entertainment. Websites about Movies Culture Humanities Poetry a

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Rutger Hauer Wonderful

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Manager: theodora_maffat
Uniqueness: 100--WEBRING- A wbring for Spirituality and Entertainment. Websites about Movies Culture Humanities Poetry and everything related with Art You can find all that's interesting concerning the Great Dutch Actor! Have fun seeing this Fantastic Rutger Webring:) Unique websites and good information with more than 100 visits a day! Have a RUTGER HAUER Website OR RELATED? Join now! This featured ring accepts the policy changes by webring and ITS ACTIVE :). If you wish to be part of A FEATURED RING, please consider this ring for immediate membership . KEEP YOUR SITE TRAFFIC and join US ! All ring topics are considered. WELCOME TO THIS LEVEL 2 RING! iF YOU ARE JUST A VISITOR THEN ENJOY WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER,A GREAT NUMBER OF COOL SITES ABOUT THE GREAT CITIZEN OF THE WORLD ACTOR DIRECTOR PRODUCER AND POET RUTGER HAUER the actor of LADYHAWKE--BLADE RUNNER-- SALUTE THE JUGGER --THE LEGEND OF THE HOLY DRINKER --FLESH AND BLOOD--THE ROOM and so many fantastic movies!-- And if you enjoy places with god people sharing nice thoughts well, here this is the right place for you--HAVE A NICE VISIT :)


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   Rutger Hauer My Mentor Page Preview Go
Fan page of Mentor with poems and informations on the movie. The site will be soon updated with photos and more poetry.All original poems belonging to author maria henriques they all where published on rutger hauer site during the period of 2003 /2006.
   movies of my life Preview Go
fan page
   Theodora's Rutger Hauer Page Preview Go
page about rutger hauer movies

   Rutger Hauer Dark Wonderful Movies Preview Go
Rutger Hauer Dark Wonderful Movies fan page.
   rutger hauer the room Preview Go
fansite on the movie of rutger -the rooom-with original poems inspired by the movie.from the portuguese author maria henriques . this site includes poems that once where publishd on rutger hauer s official site, but later removed by the authors request
   Blade runner-my cult movie Preview Go
fan page on blade runner,with photos articles links information on the movie,Created on 29 march 2004 will be soon updated with photos of the next art exibition of art work on this movie. "Interrogations of an Android The search for memory and the sense of life The electric sheep’s of Philip K. Dick assume in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner an almost angelical nature in Roy Batty’s character, the android that searches a new conscience."
   movies of my life Preview Go
   Rutger Hauer journal Preview Go
A Fansite about rutger hauer with pictures info on some of his movies -links ofsome other great fansites.Created on februar 2003 will be sooon updated with more info
   A viagem nas Palavras Preview Go
The book "A Viagem nas Palavras" from the painter illustrator Maria Henriques has a group of poems created from 1991 to 2003. All the poems present in this book has been inspired by rutger hauer movies --this site will be soon updated
   blade runner the eyes of the future Preview Go
blade runner site fan page. with photos articles info on the movie . blade runner the eyes of the future will be updated very soon. "1981: Dick's definition of s/f Philip K. Dick writes that science fiction is "not merely a story set in the future, and it not merely a story featuring high technology…It entails a “fictitious world” that “comes out of our world, the one we know: This world must be different from the given one in at least one way... "

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