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Fantasy RPG - A ring for the fond users of RPGs and other creativity abounding fantasy role playing games. These are their realms and

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Fantasy RPG

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Manager: alicorna
A ring for the fond users of RPGs and other creativity abounding fantasy role playing games. These are their realms and havens.



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   The Brotherhood of the Rose Preview Go
The BoR is a fellowship of people dedicated to serving as a beacon of Light in times of Darkness. Evil will not reign while we have life and breath in our bodies. (We're an AOL roleplaying guild)
   L'Rei Dal Elamshinae Preview Go
Having already stolen power from other worlds, and destroying them in the process, Suika's greed has only increased, and her next target is Earth. Crazed, she leads an army of beings similar to that of Fallen Angels, but with much more power. However, one of her most trusted Generals has finally come to his senses and rebels against his Master; his own Twin Sister...
   Adepts and Bards Preview Go
Come and take a breather from every-day life! Travel with me into different worlds, if you dare, and live a different life - for a little while anyway......

   In Light and Shadow Preview Go
An original play-by-post fantasy roleplaying game set in an unique world.
   Triquetra Preview Go
A post-Charmed RP set AFTER the series ends. Now that the Charmed Ones are retired, it's up to Billie and her new group of friends to protect the world from the new Source of all Evil, demons, warlocks, and the Dejustices. Can she do it? Celebrating our 6,000th post!
   Lord Magus Preview Go
A bilingual (Espanol & English) web site with a downloaded multiplayer rpg, LORD MAGUS.
   Liwarthia Preview Go
A RPG that takes place in the Magical World of Liwarthia
   Mythical Mayhem Preview Go
The webpage for a fantasy roleplaying club at yahoo. Features description, map, description of all the realms, archives and rules. A club where myth, dreams and fantasy come alive. People choose who or what they become.
   Avens Preview Go
Free-form roleplaying set in the biggest interdimensional hotel known to man, elf, demon or other. All manner of characters welcome.
   The Fallen Witches Preview Go
The world is a mess, and its only protectors agains the Fallen Witches are the Daria, witches of their own time. Pick your team, choose your alliance, and let the fight begin.

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