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Ringmasters Against PASS_L - Ringmasters with ring home pages rally together to eliminate PASS_L!

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Ringmasters Against PASS_L

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Manager: losthope5
Ringmasters with ring home pages rally together to eliminate PASS_L!

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   Red Ribbon Scars Preview Go
This ring used to focus on self injury, but all sites dealing with mental health issues are welcome. (e.g. self injury, eating disorders, major depression, manic depression, social phobia, OCD, etc.)
   Simplicity of Reflection Preview Go
Simplicity of Reflection is a webring for sites hosting creativity. It can be art, writing, website design, creative hobbies even. Obscurity at it's greatest is what we're looking for. if your site is dedicated to your original art, please join us.
   Dissatisfied Customers of the Green Tortoise Preview Go
"Dharma and Greg", this isn't. A ring for those telling the other side of the story of the "legendary hippy tour line" - one of abusive treatment of customers, fraud, baiting of the handicapped and much more, including the story of the man they left begging for food in the middle of a desert. If this is "peace and love", then please give me war.

   Anti-Copyright Theft Preview Go
An allied ring of webmasters and webmistresses who make their own layouts and wish to prevent layout theft, be it through the use of words, scripts, or prayers.
   Pro-Choice: A Right Not A Privilage Preview Go
Pro-Choice activists with websites. (Really, you just have to be very strong in your belief in a woman's right to choose. I use the term activist loosely.)
   Perfect Preview Go
We are all told we canít be perfect, but to us it just seems so obvious that we never even had the chance. Being -perfect- to some people is self harm, cutting, anorexia, temper, crying, writing, or medical disorders.

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