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RPG Sites - We are a ring of RPG-based sites. We welcome any forum, guild, or character pages, as long as the content deals with rol

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RPG Sites

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Manager: lilithezine
We are a ring of RPG-based sites. We welcome any forum, guild, or character pages, as long as the content deals with role play in some way. (Nav bar required for membership--no exceptions.)


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   Kanna Takemura - - - - Assassin born and bred. Preview Go
Information on the assassin, Kanna Takemura. Her past, her present, her life.
   HOO2RP - Hanging out online to roleplay Preview Go
Help for people who are used to hanging out online but new to roleplay - advice for how to get into the game; terminology, philosophy. Remember everyone was a newbie at one time!
   Our Vampire: the Dark Ages Chronicle Preview Go
includes character bios, story synopsis, storyteller commentary, medieval links, humor, message board and werewolf cross-over ideas

   Lady Wraith's Roleplaying Site Preview Go
A personal site dedicated to roleplay gaming, specifically World of Darkness (vampires, mortals, etc.).
   The Horses Head Preview Go
In a world of crime and war, two Dons must fight for what every man should have in this world...respect. The Horse's Head enables you to can into the world of Crime and Mafia families through your characters. Also, meet other RPG addicts from around the world. Unlike any other RPG site, we do not play for points, etc. Just for fun. JOIN TODAY!
   Illya Preview Go
Welcome to Illya, set in a fantasy world full of elves, centaurs, faeries, and dwarves! Join, and meet new friends, defeat monsters, and explore new terrain! (This is a message board RPG)
   Kingdom of Palanestina Preview Go
Fantasy roleplaying chat site. Knights, Dragons, Elves, vampires and more! If you enjoy good stories, making new friends and sharing your imagination. Come step over the bridge to the floating castle of the dragons
   BloodMoon2 RPG Preview Go
Escape into the world of the dark, where vampires await in the shadows. In the darkness the innocent die and the evil are amused by their suffering. Welcome to terror foretold by the blood red moon and black magiks charging the air. A culture ruled by the vampire council and the clans represented therein. Walk the streets and face certain death. Escape into the world of BloodMoonRPG.
   Ed's BoF2 site Preview Go
This site is being put together by someone who knows almost everything about this game. If you have a question, odds are my site will answer it -- and if it can't, I can.
   The Brotherhood of the Rose Preview Go
The BoR is a fellowship of people dedicated to serving as a beacon of Light in times of Darkness. Evil will not reign while we have life and breath in our bodies. (We're an AOL roleplaying guild)

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