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.:Children of The Revolution:. - a webring made for kids of the subcultures. punks. rudies. baldies. goths. riot grrls. anarchists. activists. oh yes. A

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.:Children of The Revolution:.

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Manager: lilithezine
a webring made for kids of the subcultures. punks. rudies. baldies. goths. riot grrls. anarchists. activists. oh yes. A cultural revolution taking over the mainstream, more quickly than you'd think... [This Ring is a member of the Gothic Unity Network]

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   American Catastrophes: Preview Go
The Death of Lilith Adler, The Collapse of the Guerrilla Girls, Military Fashion, Tony Bliar and the Hutton Inquiry, George W. Bush, the #1 Sniper Target in America, China Versus America, The Collapse of the American Economy, Nobel Peace Prize Winner to be assassinated by the Israeli Army, Israeli fighter pilots refuse to follow orders, & the United States Budget Deficit at All Time High.
   The Lilith Library Preview Go
Art, information, history, music, everything you could possibly want to know about Lilith, the first succubus, the first wife of Adam, the Greek Goddess of the Black Moon. This website is updated regularly in order to add more and more material about the goddess's historical origins.
   Larouche Watch Preview Go
A site of the newly formed Larouche Watch group. We will force the eventual downfall of the Neo Fascist anti semite who spent years in prison for scamming the elderly. We will expose him, even to his members by means of infiltration, draw away his current members, and prevent new brainwashees. We have a yahoo group as well at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/larouchwatch

   That's Soooo Chinky! Preview Go
Whats that word??? Chinky? Its cool on your skin like chainmail and its sweet as a velvet corset around your body. Chinky, Chinky, Chinky!
   Female Rights In Retreat: Abortion, Rape & America Preview Go
I would like to take this moment to stop and take a cold, harsh look at the beating (dare I say rape?) that feminists have endured during the last 20 years. It is now 2001, and I want to look back at the 1980 to 2000 era.
   Dick Supports Gays! Preview Go
DAVENPORT, Iowa—U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney has spelled out his differences with President George W. Bush on the volatile issue of gay marriage while making his most revealing public comments yet about the sexual orientation of his lesbian daughter.
   Tiananmen Square, 15 Years After Preview Go
Thousands were killed, and one million Hong Kong people spontaneously took to the streets in protest, fearful for what lay ahead as they waited for Britain to return Hong Kong to China in 1997. Bitter memories linger, along with admiration for the students who gave their lives in Beijing.
   Win WithOut War Webring Preview Go
We are a gathering of people on the planet who believe that there are alternatives to war. Join us...Add your voice in saying:"Win WithOut War". This is a Webring Site and we Invite you to Join.
   Business Goths Preview Go
We already know that gothic culture is big business (we just have to look at the Matrix movies and all the recent gothic movies Hollywood has made),
   Welcome to Ontario! Smoke all you want! Preview Go
Ontario! Where the CN Tower isn't the only thing that is High! *puff puff* *wink wink*

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