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REIKI MASTERS - Reiki Masters followers and general reiki enthusiast worldside form this community of believers in alternative medicine

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Manager: theodora_maffat
Reiki Masters followers and general reiki enthusiast worldside form this community of believers in alternative medicine in general and Reiki in particular.



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   Reiki - Eternal Light Preview Go
Reiki- Compassion,light,love and energy for all, Reiki the universal energy , is taught by me by regular means. Reiki is for everyone, so let everyone benefit from it. The influence of Buddha, Kwanyin in our lives. Meditations, sayings of the Hon.Dalai Lama,
   Inni's Reiki Place Preview Go
A personal homepage with basic information on Reiki, also some personal info about me. Site is in frames but can be viewed also without frames. Guestbook for visitors.
   Vedic Reiki: Ayurvedic Energy Healing with Bill Courson Preview Go
This is the website of Bill Courson, a traditional Usui Reiki master and teacher and a practitioner of Ayurvedic Energy Healing. Bill's practice combines the principles of traditional Usui Reiki with those of Ayurveda, the oldest existing lineage of healing on Earth today.

   Powerful Distance - Distant - Remote - Healing Preview Go
Our Powerful Distance - Distant - Remote - Healing is about a powerful and unique technique where our team of healers broadcast over 30 different healing energies to you, a friend, a loved one or a pet at a distance for 48 non stop hours. All healers can also increase their power with our healing sessions.
   Inspirations : Welcome Preview Go
Inspirations : Reiki Healing, Tarot Readings, Mediumship, runes, Feng Shui and more, based in the North East of England
   Atlantis Rising's Reiki-Seichem Preview Go
Atlantis Rising - What is Reiki, The history of Reiki, Reiki-Seichem, Komyo Reiki, Gendai Reiki, Reiki & Seichem classes, Distance Reiki & Seichem training, Egyptian Cartouche Initiations, Angel Initiations, Third Eye Attunement, Kwan Yin Blessing, Various Flower, Gem & Vibrational Essences, Egyptian Cartouche & Tarot Cards for beginners, Usui lineages
   What is Reiki Preview Go
Includes a description of Reiki. Also provides access to an low cost online Reiki class with attunements. If you live in Columbus, OH I also provide Reiki treatments.
   Reiki Healing with Reiki Master Ernie Van Den Bossche Preview Go
If you live near me in Fairfield Maine USA and wish to receive REIKI TREATMENT at home, I can help. I also will include anyone on my Absentee Healing List.
   HealingStargate.com-C.N. KOR RODGERS - Psychic Channel Preview Go
The official site and healing services of Master Psychic and Healing Channel C.N. KOR RODGERS. K.O.R. Technique™ Usui Reiki Master.
   TLC Services Preview Go
Experience the joy of learning the ancient art of Reiki with Reiki Master/Teacher Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty, Cambridge, Ontario

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