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Real Democrats - Real Democrats   A ring for Democrats to gather their sites and blogs to support the history of the country's oldes

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Real Democrats

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Real Democrats


A ring for Democrats to gather their sites and blogs to support the history of the country's oldest and most loved party.  If it's got something to do with democrats, your welcome here.


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   John F. Kennedy Quote Preview Go
Kennedy on arts,senior Citizens, being President,Conformity,CRISIS,CUBA,Education,Forgiveness,Morality,Spirit,Peace,Poetry,PROBLEMS,POVERTY,laughter and more.
   Presidential Trivia Preview Go
presidential trivia on presidency,religious,delano,states,zachary,democratic,carter,tilden,chester,greatest,united,hated,collectors,spiro,presbyterian,rockefeller,stupid,debates,republician. So what you know?
   Eleanor Roosevelt Quote Preview Go
Eleanor Roosevelt in her own words.

   Harry S.Truman Quotes Preview Go
Harry S. Truman. Could he be one of the Best President America has ever had? Come and hear the man. Read what he has to say in his oun words.
   The Dream Lives! Preview Go
Robert F. Kennedy Quotes ,in his own words. The Man that should have been President. Don't let people tell you what he stood for, let him. People, hope, death, what America is all about.
   Clinton-Gore Administration Accomplishments: 93 - 2000 Preview Go
How did Clinton/Gore do in 8 years? Just the facts. Can this be the best administration ever? Come and see. The GOP would have you think it was all about sex. This is the page they don't want you to see. God Bless Bill Clinton and Al Gore
   Architect of the 'Great Society' Preview Go
Lyndon B. Johnson, The Architect of the Great Society, In his own words. Don't let people tell you what he did and stood for. Let him.
   First Protector of the Common People And the American D Preview Go
Hillary Clinton, In her own words. Don't let republicans tell you what she stands for. Let her. God Bless Hillary..
   Great Democratic Speeches Preview Go
Democratic Party Speech site.Speeches by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hubert Humphrey, Jesse Jackson, Mario Cuomo, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Adlai E. Stevenson, Harry S. Truman, Woodrow Wilson, all the great democrats
   The New Deal Preview Go
Franklin D. Roosevelt, America's Greatest President? In his Own Words.

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