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Quantum Leap - Step into the Quantum Leap Accelerator and Leap from site to site, visiting websites that are not your own, and wonderin

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Quantum Leap

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Manager: superpeeps
Step into the Quantum Leap Accelerator and Leap from site to site, visiting websites that are not your own, and wondering each time if the next Leap, will be the Leap HOME(page).

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   MikeKraken's Project Quantum Leap Preview Go
Take a tour of Project Quantum Leap... this site includes information on Quantum Leap RPGs, some fan-fiction, and links to other QL sites.
   The Accelerator Preview Go
everything you ever wanted to know about Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula, and Dean Stockwell. Plus, there's a new pile of pictures every week!!
   Barry's Quantum Leap Page Preview Go
A site constantly under revision to provide access to anyone who wants to know anything about "Quantum Leap".

   Quantum Leap: The Virtual Seasons Preview Go
Here, Quantum Leap never ended. This fan-fiction site is dedicated to the series and posts a new, original episode every week.
   Wendy's Quantum Leap Pad Preview 2 review(s) — Go
Episode scripts, information about the show and the cast, and hopefully a Quantum Quiz soon!
   Zigfreid's Quantum Leap Page Preview Go
This site contains info about the show Quantum Leap like images, info about the show, and other links to Quantum Leap sites.
   Quantum Leap: Bingo Bango Bongo Preview Go
I liked the show Quantum Leap a lot. I do have my favorite episodes -- doesn't everybody? Wish USA/Sci Fi would go back to showing it regularly!
   The Quantum Leap Corner Preview Go
QL Fanpage complete with episode guide, bookguide, bios and many more about the Universal Sci-Fi drama series Quantum Leap
   genessa -- junk! Preview Go
JUNK, crossover fanfiction merging the worlds of The Professionals (British cop/spy show from past decades) and Quantum Leap (American time travel show from 1990s. Sam leaps into London in the 1980s, right into the custody of a not-too-sympathetic Doyle and Body....
   genessa -- quantum language leaps! Preview Go
Using the TV series Quantum Leap to teach English to Japanese students.

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