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Plant Your Family Tree - Untitled document ARE YOU NEW TO GENEALOGY OR ARE YOU THE FAMILY HISTORIAN, THIS RING IS FOR YOU! We aren't the largest

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Plant Your Family Tree

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We aren't the largest ring, but we are the friendliest!!! Genealogy ring for those who want to see that their family history is not forgotten!


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   Peggy Conn Burley's Family History Preview Go
My family history...so far. With over 500 individuals, my tree includes the surnames Conn, Harvison, McEvoy, Lizotte, LaViolette, Coker, Slay and many many others.
   Smith and Cooley Tree Preview Go
Agee, Bias, Bullard, Clevenger, Cleavenger, Clinkingbeard, Cooley, Cooly, Cooper, Cupp, English, Faust, Fielder, Finch, Foust, Harper, Mangrum, McGonigle, McGonnigil, Megonnigil, Muncie, Nettles, Niersthemier, Phelps, Smith, Stevenson, Summers and Withrow
   Home Page of Barbara Hollis Preview Go
Comprehensive Family History website for surnames Hort, Carey, Knight, Boltor, Bethell, Menz, Handt/Hante, Bruton, Bodley, Savory, Lynch, Maguire, Gorrie, Penberthy, Millican/ken, Cusack, Hodgkinson, Edwards, Thomas, Paulse, Hollis, Suckling, Reid, Close, Riste, Jans, Cosham, Hansen, Maker, Black, King, Tilley

   Hooiser Genes Preview Go
Site contains my genealogy data plus links to sites about Quakers, Indiana, and North Carolina.
   geniebug - Thomas O. Collins genealogy Preview Go
Thomas O. Collins genealogy--trying to find Collins ancesters back to country of origin.
   Alabamakinchaser+Genealogy+Office+ Preview Go
This is my genealogy site for my ancestors as well as my husband's. I also have some pages for helping genealogist in their research. I also have some pages dedicated to the veterans of WWII as well as to the Signers of the Declaration of Independence,genealogy friends and genealogist groups. I also have some family mysteries or brick walls. I hope you will stop by and sigh my guest bo
   The Dearborn Family Preview Go
The Dearborn family - New England.
   The Gilbert Family Tree Preview Go
A brief history of the Gilbert Name and origin and things I have leared in the past 4 years.
   Dayisy's Family Gathering Preview Go
Tracking, and sharing, our ancestors. Surnames include: Patrick, Graves, Griffin, Reese, Roberts, Klingaman, McKittrick, Darters/Daughters, Lewis, Johnson, Soto, and more; as well as links to Clayton, Willingham, others. Southern migrations from the Carolinas thru GA,AL,TX and some beyond. Yankee migrations from PA,OH,MI,IN,IA,TX. The Soto
   Shiercliffe, Shurtleff, Stevens Preview Go
Extensive family tree dating back to Wodin, circa 215, Asgard, Asia. Mayflower and monarch lines. The largest pilgrim ship data bank on the web for England to MA ships in the early 1600's.

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