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Prophetic Dreams and Visions - This webring provides various opinions concerning prophetic dreams, visions, symbols, Bible interpretation, spiritual d

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Prophetic Dreams and Visions

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This webring provides various opinions concerning prophetic dreams, visions, symbols, Bible interpretation, spiritual dreams, end-time prophecy, teachings, playing prophetic music by ear, and spiritual songs of the Lord.


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Lord God, Take me to thine Valley of Vision, Show me the Way of your Word.
   Music For Meditation Preview Go
Jesus is the Music in "Music for Meditation." Holy Spirit Inspired Music and Soundscapes composed and recorded during Prayer and Meditation. Meet Rosemary - a Very Special Prophetess & Biographee of - Marquis "Who's Who in America 59th Edition, 2005 & Nominated for Marquis "Who's Who of American Women" 25th Silver Anniversary Edition 2006-2007
   Alchemy of TheWay Preview Go
The essence of TheWay is the alchemical process of self-transmutation. Our body is the philosophers stone that Jesus taught must become the good ground where the seed of Higher Consciousness is implanted. The Knowledge of entering the Kingdom was hidden in symbols, because the Church of Roman had become spiritually disenfranchised. Come and journey into TheWay, and learn the Secrets an

   The Watcher Preview Go
The voice of the Prophet sent from the Lord to make known to the modern Christian the Essence of the Gospel Message that became Lost when the teachings of The Way was placed in the hands of carnal men. The Message speaks of The Way of Life and of the impending doom of those who turn away from The Way of Truth.
   God's Judgments Are Upon Us Now! Preview Go
Prophetic messages for the days of Judgment that are now upon the land.
   Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior Preview Go
Dreams and visions and other indisputable evidence that Jesus is the Son of God, and the Holy Bible is the Word of God.
   Revelation! Preview Go
Come SEE the book of Revelation!
   Being Of Light - The Essence of TheWay Preview Go
Having never had an NDE, my search for the Being of Light was a search of the true depths of my being and consciousness. Unlike those who were unprepared, I was able to spend extended periods of time in the presence of the Being of Light in what I call the Realm of Souls. If you desire to embrace your own true reality, then this article is a must to read!
   Jeremiah 1 Preview Go
Endtime prophetic, Dream, visions, sharing revelation knowledge.
   Armageddon Lost Preview Go
The objective of all true Christians is to bring the spiritual realities of Armageddon about in their lives. That the most authentic visionaries have long warned us that the scriptures are not a history book - but rather, spiritual events that come to pass in the life of the disciple, well confirms Jesus' warning that few men are capable of understanding the true meaning of the Bible and

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