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World of Container Gardening - Gardening in Containers is fun! The plants you grow may be houseplants or alpine plants needing special soil. It doesn't

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World of Container Gardening

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Gardening in Containers is fun! The plants you grow may be houseplants or alpine plants needing special soil. It doesn't matter as long as you are growing them in containers. There are several advantages of growing in containers. 1. You can provide the special soils needed by a plant you desire to grow. 2. You can also move the plant to different locations as you seek to provide it with the light it needs. 3. Containerized plants are easier to a keep watered during dry spells. 4. Outdoor plants can easily be moved inside for the winter. 5. Containerized plants can be used as decorations for your garden party, on a dinner table, or to brighten a spot that needs some color. World of Gardening-Container Growing is a collection of websites that provide information on this topic and challenge you to expand your gardening horizons.


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A good site designed to bring helpful hints and tips on container gardening, which I hope will be helpful to all container gardeners
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Get great gardening advise and tips, add your own! Free newsletter available, links, up-to-date, always something new being added. Welcome!
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Growing indoor Herbs, Containers, indoor plants,growing vegetables indoors, tomatoes indoors, soil testing, frugal, simple, native plants

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This Page describes my attempts to grow cacti on two windows of my apartment, not because itís the best place, it's because I have no other choice. In spite of some difficulties the experiment was successful until today. Many plants are flowering very magnificently and the number of seedlings are growing. I want to encourage all the people that do believe itís impossible to grow these plants in their apartments.
   A+ ORCHIDS. Preview Go
50% or more off blooming size Phalaenopsis orchids and supplies! These flowers should not have direct sunlight and grow nicely in brightly lit rooms. You get one and you will be hooked too because the flowers stay bloomed for 2-3 months! I offer the no hassle take the plant out of the box and put it on the shelf service. A nice gift card from you with your thoughts for any occasion can be sent along with each order.
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Tropical Plants for Sale, Palm Trees, Fruit Trees, House Plants, Bamboo, Banana and Strawberry Plants, Buy Flowering Plants, Orchids and moreÖ
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YOU CAN GROW! - We nurture ourselves as we nurture our gardens, renewing our connection with the earth and her beauty, thereby reducing stress on the world's finite resources, and strengthening our community as a whole in the process - we can pool our enthusiasm, our resources, our knowledge, and, together, we can grow. Extensive information about Organic Gardening, Soil Building, Composting, Companion and Bio

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