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The Playboy Webring - Playboy Magazine, Playboy bunnies, Playboy photographers, Hugh Hefner, Russ Meyer, softcore porn, softcore erotica, webs

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The Playboy Webring

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Playboy Magazine, Playboy bunnies, Playboy photographers, Hugh Hefner, Russ Meyer, softcore porn, softcore erotica, websites about sexuality, amateur models, professional models, fetishes, erotic writing, fantasies. Like the ORIGINAL PLAYBOY magazine, this webring will also provide articles about politics, economics, social issues, erotic artists like Patrick Nagel, filmmakers like Russ Meyer and Quentin Tarantino and an alternative perspective on daily life. Sex, Politics and the American Way! - - - - - The Playboy webring supports a liberal and educated attitude towards sex and sexuality. Protect yourself and others from STDs and wear a condom. "Condom Sense is Common Sense!"


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   Sexy Seniors and the Fountain of Youth Preview Go
Sexy sells, senior doesn't? Viagra, aging, sexuality, HGH pills and sex in the media.
   With Two Girlfriends Preview Go
Intriguing novel about a college man who lives with two beautiful women. The sex is very good, but otherwise they treat him very badly. One day he finds a book of strange tales about sexual captvity in the Nineteenth Century. Each morning as he reads another of the stories, the solution to his problem begins to take shape. A mixture of light and darkness, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. For mature communities. Involves sexual captivity, torture, psychiatry, medicine, forensics, existentialism, and libertine lifestyles.
   The Canadian Sex Industry Preview Go
A Look At Canadian Sex, Prostitution, Gay Rights and the World's Largest Penis. A little known fact about Canada: Prostitution and brothels are legal. In Canada, it is perfectly legal for consenting adults to exchange money for sex.

   The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith Preview Go
Anna Nicole Smith Dies in Florida at age 39. Photos, biography, quotes and facts about Anna Nicole Smith.
No, SERIOUSLY! Are you afraid of my breasts? Do my breasts do something so culturally significant that people are afraid of seeing them?
   The Sex eZine Preview Go
Focuses on sex information, facts, education, kama sutra, love, romance & sex news.
   Bikini Paradise Preview Go
A fashion oriented blog for people who appreciate a nice bikini.
   The History of the Bra Preview Go
History & Info on Bras and Breasts.
   Are you ready for the Apocalypse? Should you be? Preview Go
If the apocalypse happened tomorrow, as written in the bible, would you be ready? Would you be ready to battle demons, the four horsemen, pestilence, hordes of satan worshippers, evil spirits and more?
   Black Beauty and White Beauty Preview Go
Black beauty is in: From beauty queens to fashion magazines, women of color reign supreme. But it wasn't always this way. Historically women of colour have been heavily ignored or ridiculed.

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