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Pirate Sites - welcome to Pirate Sites! A ring for pirates and buccaneers of all types: reenactors, historians, vendors, and folk who'

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Pirate Sites

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welcome to Pirate Sites!

A ring for pirates and buccaneers of all types: reenactors, historians, vendors, and folk who're just crazy about the topic. Historical, hysterical, serious or fun, personal, commercial, organizational. As long as it's related to piracy on the high seas before 1900, it's welcome!


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   The Pirate's Realm Preview Go
The best site for pirates and pirate fans. Learn about the most famous pirates: their ships, weapons, crew, hideouts, and more. Also, the best online pirate games are here.
   Bob the Pirate Preview Go
just a small site with pirate graphics and a few of my hearties, rogues and wenches.
   Majestic Velvets Preview Go
Majestic Velvets offers authentic Renaissance & Pirates costumes and clothing: dresses, tunics, chemises, pirates jackets and cloaks, gowns, poets shirts.

   A life of endless puzzles: Guybrush Treepwood Preview Go
An Italian site devoted to the Monkey Island saga, by LucasArts. You can find the soulutions, images and fan art. I wanna be a pirate!!
   No Quarter Given Preview Go
Whether yer an armchair historian, or scurvy re-enactor, ye'll find piratical adventure a-plenty with No Quarter Given. In fact and fiction we feature pirates and privateers of all periods.
   Pennsic Pirates Preview Go
This is a group dedicated to the advancement in the art of plunder and pillaging, within the SCA (the Society of Creative Anachronisms) and various other Pirate related events. It's primary goal is to attract those who like to attend events of an historical, medieval or piratical nature. But moreso, for those who just want to have a great time, with like-minded individuals.
   Mallory & McCall: Musical Pirates, Irish, more Preview Go
We're Mallory & McCall, veteran musical entertainers. We're Pirates (The Skeleton Crew Pirate Band), Irish, Civil War and more. Find bios, CDs, books, photos, art, plus sheet music and lyrics. Upcoming: music tracks of whole songs. Plan to make available our original songs to others royality free. As our new site builds, we want to be an outlet, sharing wi
   Silver Steele's Pirates Preview Go
The Golden Age of Piracy. Includes the Spanish Main, the Spanish Treasure Fleets, 17th & 18th century flags of the nations involved, crew duties, weapons, hideouts, plunders, sea shanties, primary source documents and links to over 70 free online complete eText books dealing with piracy, modern piracy and more. Site is still in it's early stages, but is being constantly
   Raging Gail Preview Go
Online novel featuring the pirate Abigail Sanders and the crew that sailed under her, raiding the Spanish Main in the 17th Century. Updates twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays), along with posts as warranted concerning piracy, writing, and the ilk.
   Pirates Life For Me Preview Go
Pirates....Pirates....and more pirates. Can't get enough of them mate!!!

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