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Advanced Physics - All about physics for students and scientists: electronic journals, publications, education, WWW physics demonstrations,

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Advanced Physics

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Manager: theodora_maffat
All about physics for students and scientists: electronic journals, publications, education, WWW physics demonstrations, software for physics, research institutions, universities, jobs

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   Relativity Calculator - The Photoelectric Effect Preview Go
Learn Einstein Special and General Relativity mathematics cosmology physics history and philosophy using Macintosh (Mac) Relativity Calculator software.
   Open Wide Preview Go
Some thing who make us reflecting
   Aristotle's Lyceum in Cyberspace Preview Go
Aristotle's Lyceum in Cyberspace Read my articles on physics, mathematics, biology, computers, history, mythology, and many other subjects.

   The Physics of Cooking Preview Go
This site is dedicated to help students in explaining thermodynamics and its application when cooking or baking foods.
   Mathematics: Sequences, Reversions, Physical Constants Preview Go
Mathematics: Sequences, Reversions, Physical Constants, Problems and Conjectures. Site for Teachers of Mathematics and Physics, Research for Educators, Something for People of all Ages and Abilities, Enrichment Experiences for Mathematicians and Scientists.
   A New Physics for a New Millennium Preview Go
Definition of elementary particles, origin of mass, how the atom works and what the atomic nucleus is exactly, definition of nuclear forces and their measure, spin of material particles, neutrinos and their mass. And much more.
   Finite Element Analysis Homepage Preview Go
To provide internet users and my students information regarding all aspects of Finite Element Analysis
   A New Theory of Light, Photons, and Quantization Preview Go
A new theory set forth by Dr. Jim Lawler seeks to solve the many problems with current quantum theories. His model for sub-atomic particles and space-time is a whole new paradigm, and the photon is defined as being not one particle or a wave, but two smaller particles in orbit.
   Relativity Illuminated Preview Go
Formulated to cut right through the haze, here Einstein's Theory of Relativity is revealed to net satisfaction on a single page, in plain language, without math. The essay especially illuminates how The Universe would be reductio ad absurdum without relativity. A 14-page treatise on the subject is also made available, sporting a few diagrams but no formulas, no math to speak of.
   The Relative Histories Formulation of Quantum Mechanics Preview Go
The RHF is a novel formulation of quantum mechanics (QM) that offers a constellation of interpretational advantages not apparent in any other existing formulation or interpretation of QM.

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