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Philosophy in Practice - The Philosophy in Practice Web Ring is grounded in the astonishing assumption that philosophy is actually good for you!

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Philosophy in Practice

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The Philosophy in Practice Web Ring is grounded in the astonishing assumption that philosophy is actually good for you! The exploration and clarification of the basic attitudes, assumptions and values that frame one's life can bring about extraordinary personal transformation. The practice of philosophical reflection promotes a fuller sense of mental balance, equilibrium and clarity, sharpens one's mental skills, enhances creativity, fosters openness and tolerance, leads toward greater autonomy and freedom of mind and reawakens a sense of freshness, curiosity and wonder. Philosophy in Practice consists of sites that promote philosophical reflection as a means of achieving clarity, balance, perspective, insight or personal or spiritual growth.


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   Pharsea's World Preview Go
Theological, Liturgical and Philosophical musings of an English Gay Traditioanlist, Platonist Catholic.
   Remembering Owen Barfield, Writing Human Consciousness Preview Go
Entry is a page on the neglected philosopher Owen Barfield, and a discussion of theology in science fiction. This is part of a large domain in which I discuss my own philosophy and a number of activist issues, putting philosophy into practice. Convincing people that "philosophy is boring" is an excellent means of social control. Enjoy thinking!
   WhatRain Internet Philosophy Journal Preview Go
This Philosophy Journal has several papers on varied philosophical subjects. Read others ideas or submit your paper for others to read.

   Meditation & Mandalas Preview Go
Relaxation, contentment & consciousness expansion through meditation. Personal experiences plus books, music, software, artwork and links that can help you explore further on your own. Gaze into the center of this full-screen mandala and discover the serenity of your own inner world.
   Conceptanalysis, Language and Logic Preview Go
Review to the history of Conceptanalysis. Three creators of the modern Conceptanalysis and one of their successor, G.H. von Wright. The structure of a language. The scheme of languages, abstractions and logic. Views of history. 2-level theory of science's language.
   Hypatia Society Preview Go
The Hypatia Society is dedicated to supporting and encouraging multiple genius; past, present and future. We are dedicated to encouraging those with multiple talents to reach their full potential.
   Todos Santos Counseling Psychotherapy Preview Go
Counseling and psychotherapy of Dr. Robert Saltzman, Todos Santos, Cabo, La Paz, Baja California. Includes “ask dr-robert,” an e-mail ask the psychologist forum dedicated to mental, emotional, and physical healing; philosophical awareness, self-understanding, and spiritual unfoldment.
   The Institute for Emancipatory Constructionism Preview Go
This website reflects an attempt to develop a new critical theory (also known as postmodern critical theory and critical postmodernism). Emancipatory constructionism, grounded in a neo-Marxian dialectic of dominance and emancipation, is recontextualized in poststructuralism, postmodernism, social constructionism, critical pragmatism, and critical pedagogy.

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