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Pessimistic & Proud - Are you pessimistic, negative, cynical or angry at many things in life? Do you have a dark or twisted sense of humor and

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Pessimistic & Proud

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Manager: wr__tj
Are you pessimistic, negative, cynical or angry at many things in life? Do you have a dark or twisted sense of humor and enjoy sarcasm? Do you easily offend people with your views even though they are genuinely true? No adult or commercial sites have been included.



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   The Illusory Freedom of Prostitution Preview Go
Making the case against what has occasionally been a trendy proposal to support - the legalization of prostitution. What would be the long term consequences of this trendy, feel good action, and what does it say about us, if we're willing to accept them?
   Oliver Twist Preview Go
Begins with a discussion of how to deal with poverty, on a mental level, which neocons aren't going to like. A group (or, eventually, once again, a small cluster of groups) for those wanting to celebrate New Years Eve in Chicago on a very limited budget which, in the future, will be expanding into a place for discussion of low budget fun in Chicago, in general.
   Common Nonsense Preview Go
Observations of common human intelligence failures.

   Leah's Lair Preview 1 review(s) — Go
This is just a personal website I created whilst strung out on coffee and Xanax.
   School Cheater Preview Go
Sharing information and practical solutions for tedious tasks (how to cheat in high school).
   As I Please Preview Go
This site was named after George Orwell's column "As I Please" during the Second World War. During that time, he critiqued many of the follies of his time with wit, precision and plain old common sense.I hope to do the same regarding the fashionable nonsense of our day.
   Critics of the House of Netjer Preview Go
Some of us find that when somebody tells us that she has a direct pipeline to God, we get a little concerned, especially when she claims to be an incarnation of one of His aspects. A ring for critics of the Egyptian Traditionalist group, the House of Netjer.
   Shades of Reality Preview Go
This site has nothing to do about anything except my views on strange things and my personal world. I write, rant, snap the occasional photo, and that's about it. Meh...just look at the site...
   What The Hell? Preview Go
This site is filled with every day issues that we Natural Born Americans have to deal with on a daily basis. We are not trying to be anti- negro, mexican, asian, indian, gay, lesbian or whatever. We are just documenting things that make us stop and say "What the Hell?" We can't help what origin, color,or sex the idiots are.
   Through the Eyes of... Preview Go
depression/mood disorder support

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