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Cyberbeggars WebRing - Are you a shnorrer? (That Yiddish for beggar!) Do you want to help someone in need? You will find shnorrers aplenty her

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Are you a shnorrer? (That Yiddish for beggar!) Do you want to help someone in need? You will find shnorrers aplenty here, for all different reasons. You choose whom to believe, whom to disbelieve, perhaps even whom to help. But be nice! Pictured: Alice Liddell posing for a photograph, dressed as a "beggar girl," said photo taken by no other than her good friend tand avid amateur photographer, the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better know as Lewis Carroll, circa 1859.


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   Please help an HIV victim Preview Go
I didn't cheat on my husband or use injection drugs. I'm a good girl. I got infected from something I didn't even know could infect me. I do not want to be in debt because of medication. Please donate.
   Make a Child's Dream Come True Preview Go
Please, help me to have a lifetime dream come true for one child. Read the family's story. Thanks.
   Help Monica Preview Go
I will share with you my story and why I'm in the bind I'm in. I will also share with you little tales, sort of "Kids Say and Do The Darndest Things". I will also share sordid stories regarding my sister who is partly to blame for my situation. She is in three words, "Jerry Springer Material". With that said, enjoy!

   Help Me please Preview Go
This is something I never thought I would do, but times are tough. I don't have a massive story, and I know there are people a lot worse off than me (especially with recent disasters).
   Calling All Angels Preview Go
I have had some unbelievably unfortunate luck over the past few years and I am looking for new and olf friends who can provide help and support.
   Help Us Move! Preview Go
We can't find jobs here, we're unhappy, we can't pay bills or afford to go to the doctor. We just need help moving so we can get jobs. We'll pay it forward...
   Donations! Preview Go
Soon to be homeless, already sick and getting sicker, shamelessly begging for help large and small.
   Help a Student Preview Go
College students are put through a lot of stress about their financial ability to pay for their schooling. However, you can help a student through college and give them a great start by donating today! Wether its one penny or an entire tuition every little bit is appreciated and can make a difference.
   Paying for a Tragic Accident Preview Go
In 2001 I was the driver in an accident that killed my best friend and an innocent second driver. Read my story, pray for me, and see if you can help.
   Free Cash for Gail Preview Go
Gail is a Spaniel with Cancer. her owner is out of work and the bills are piling up. For as little as one dollar you can help!

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