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Parrots on the Web - The zaniest, wackiest, smartest, and of course, best looking parrots on the web - we are.

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Parrots on the Web

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The zaniest, wackiest, smartest, and of course, best looking parrots on the web - we are.


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   My Senegal & Africian Grey Parrots Preview Go
Photos of my Africian Grey Parrot named Charlotte and our Senegal named Puka. Drop by today to learn a bit about talking birds. They are so much fun!
   Splat-n-Retro's Parrot Pages Preview Go
A parrot operated and maintained website with the infamous ParrotCam and awards we are aching to give out to other parrot pages on the WWW
   X-Evolutionist's Bird House Preview Go
This site is devoted to my parrots, cockatiels and budgies.

   Brandi the moluccan 'too Preview Go
Hello,HELLO,HELLO! I am Brandi the moluccan cockatoo. Welcome to my site. It has pictures of me the beautiful and adorable 'too!
   Sion's Garden Preview Go
Website for Sion, a B&G and his flock with many photos and animations.
   SevenParrots - For Parrots and Their Humans Preview Go
A website owned by birds. This is our personal site - a place to put photos of ourselves and for Mom to share what she's learned about living with an avian family.
   Mac from England! Preview Go
This site addited to little bird that names - Mac
   Mac from England! Preview Go
Mac, a green-winged macaw in England invites parrots friends from all over the world!
   Travels of a flighted CAG in Taiwan Preview Go
Living and loving of a CAG and her travels and flights in the mountains and forests and cities in Taiwan
   All about parrots Preview Go
Information about purchasing a parrot and parrot care. Also homepage of my senegal parrot Iago, leadbeaters cockatoo Zazu, and Frank's birds (2 blue and gold macaws and two Congo African grey parrots)

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