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Palladium Web Ring - The Palladium Web Ring is the original webring dedicated to uniting sites that deal with any of the Palladium® Role-Play

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Manager: lord_nightfall
The Palladium Web Ring is the original webring dedicated to uniting sites that deal with any of the Palladium® Role-Playing Games. This includes games ranging from Palladium Fantasy RPG® to Nightbane(TM) to RIFTS® and any games in between! If you have a well done Palladium® related site, please join the Ring.

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   Repliq Preview Go
Repliq is a company dedicated to providing the world's best energy weapons and armor, while offering thier clients weapons that resemble 20th century counterparts.
   Galahad's Realm Preview Go
Galahad's Realm is a place of magic, mystery, and chivalry. It is the home of the Arzno netbook, a campaign dealing with Vampires and the eternal battle against these dark forces. It also has the campaign, "A Legend Fulfilled", conversions from Dune, Ender's Game, The Neverending Story, Foundation, and a great many others. The page focuses on Rifts, but can be easily
   Rifts at the Labyrinth Preview Go
This site started out as a way for me to share with others a few magic spells I had come up with, as well as some technowizard devices. It has evolved to include Skills, Super Powers, OCC's, and The COMPLETE Spell List!

   Black Star Preview Go
I have four sections currently on my site, one for Rifts under New Haven, this has a variety of stuff, Gargoyles; a conversion of the T.V. series done by Disney, Tellos; a conversion of the new comic series; and Steel Monkey a net book for Heroes Unlimited and our campaign.
   Skulle Island Web Site Preview Go
Skulle Island is a small island off of the southern coast of Austrailia. Founded in 304 PA by Dimentional Travelers Keith Macload and James Bourne, the island has become a haven for run-away humans and d-bees. This web site is dedicated to the creatures of this island and the gathering of useful RIFTS Earth information.
   Jim's Gaming World Preview Go
Mostly Pre-Rifts items as well as "Operation Desperate Cause" which details some pre-rifts naval vessels trapped in Rifts Earth.
   The Great Ressurection (S.O.S. for BtS) Preview Go
This web page is devoted to the great Palladium RPG named Beyond the Supernatural. It offers new magic and psionics and adventures, as well as a chance for you to sign on to SAVE BtS!!!
   Darkhawk's Rifts Aerie Preview Go
A site I designed that is centered around a mercenary group I put together with some friends over the Internet. Contains info about the Merc. group and some original creations.
   Lazars Realmz Preview Go
A simple page with some decent art, some odd 20 pages (I THINK, printed) of original material and conversions in less than half a meg! And it's CONSTANTLY growing!
   Ivy and Chrome for Rifts Preview Go
This site has a few extra occs, items, spells and psionics and a very large PBEM (play by email) game that just about anyone can join. The game is done through a simple process through the email. Come check it out!

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