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Official Palladium Books RPG WebRing - The Official Palladium BooksŪ RPG WebRing. This ring is for all Palladium BooksŪ game systems. Basic System Books Includ

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Official Palladium Books RPG WebRing

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The Official Palladium BooksŪ RPG WebRing. This ring is for all Palladium BooksŪ game systems. Basic System Books Include: Rifts Palladium Fantasy RPG Nightbane Heroes Unlimited After the Bomb RECON System Failure Mechanoids The Mechanoid Invasion Beyond the Supernatural Ninjas & Superspies Mystic China Robotech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wormwood Chaos Earth Other Books Of note: Nightlands Triax Mindwerks Vampire Kingdoms Juicer Uprising Phase World Psyscape

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   Hounds of Hell - A tale of adventure Preview Go
Hounds of Hell. A tale of a mercenary group from futuristic rifts earth.
   Rifts Preview Go
Rifts rpg fansite on lazlo,middle east,ngr,triax,borders ,silk road, black market,indian subcontinent.occ's,rcc 's,npc's,martial arts, mercenaries,artwork,sc enarios,hardware.
   RIFTWorld Preview Go
A site devoted to powergaming, munchkinism, and treaking your gamemaster 'till he squirms. I've dedicated RiftWorld to all the Power mad Munchkins who believe Gods as player characters are too weak, and the Mega Hero needs beefing up. RiftWorld focuses on RIFTS at the moment, but will be expanding to include Heroes Unlimited and Nightbane.

   Rifts Wiki Preview Go
The wiki about the Rifts Roleplaying Game that anyone can edit.
   Stan Bundy's RPG & Fanfic page Preview Go
Home of the original Palladium FAQ, many gaming files (Robotech RPG, plus many more usuable with any of the Palladium games), and much Robotech fanfic.
   Johnny's Rifts Page Preview Go
Welcome to Johnny's Rifts Page. Inside you will find strategies and combos when using magic, homecooked monsters, and even chat rooms!
   Rifts Mecha Construction Preview Go
Construction Rules for Mecha, Power Armor, and Vehicles usable in any Rifts game.
   Grimm's Palladium Page Preview Go
Just a place for my characters and adaptations of existing comic heroes
   The Great Northern Wilderness Preview Go
The Great Northern Wilderness. A place for Info, links & ideas about the Palladium Books RPG system. The land of the Wolfen Empire and Diabolistic magics. Plus my own PBeM Archive & info.
   Dezknoph's Palladium Fantasy Home page Preview Go
Step into my land with new races and character classes, as well as some maps and character sheets.

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