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Objective Art - These are sites about selling or displaying art (paintings, music, poetry, fiction, etc.) and/or discussing aesthetics f

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Objective Art

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These are sites about selling or displaying art (paintings, music, poetry, fiction, etc.) and/or discussing aesthetics from a basic objectivist point of view – sites focused on romantic realism and Ayn Rand's aesthetic ideas in general. Non-objectivist sites are included as long as the art fits - tonal music, representational painting, clarity of style and of meaning, etc. Russian-born Ayn Rand was a political philosopher who developed the philosophy known as Objectivism. This philosophy forms part of the basis for the libertarian movement. Her novel, The Fountainhead, presents some of her ideas in dramatic form: an architect is presented as having the right to destroy the building because the builders did not adhere to the contract and deviated from his design. Rand's artistic ideas can be considered apart from her philosophy, and this ring concentrates on her aesthetics.



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   Starship Aurora Preview Go
Starship Aurora is for studying the philosophy of starship: its meaning and purpose. Starship is defined as: the integration of artistry and machinery--the mobile home that provides, protects, and propels one's life to achieve happiness, to innovate humanity upward, to sail the endless sea of stars...The website is for people interested in objectivism, Ayn Rand, Star Trek, or space settlement.
   The Objective Art Webring Homepage Preview Go
The Objective Art Webring Homepage.
   Objective Interpretations of Movies Preview Go
A site for objectivists to read and submit film reviews from an objectivist viewpoint.

   Art at Objectivist Living Preview Go
Shop for artwork at Objectivist Living. We also feature works of art of interest to Objectivists and discuss them in our art forum (The Rational Galleries) at www.objectivistliving.com.
   Art of Larry Weiss - Original Paintings Preview Go
The art of Larry Weiss. Current works are large, fairly, realistic paintings, mostly inspired by themes of Long Island. All of Larrys work is characterized by carefully thought out patterns of shapes and colors.

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