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The Navy Ring - The Navy Ring, founded in April 1996, is dedicated to websites which contain information or images of naval vessels and

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The Navy Ring

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The Navy Ring, founded in April 1996, is dedicated to websites which contain information or images of naval vessels and equipment, plus pages which share the personal experiences of sailors. This online community aims to keep fresh the memory of those who served and provide for historical researchers.


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   De Zeven Provincien class Air-defense Frigates Preview Go
All available information on the new "De Zeven Provincien" class Air-defense and Command Frigates that are being build for the Royal Netherlands Navy, including radar and weaponry.
   Retired Nimitz CPO Home Page Preview Go
This site is dedicated to extending the CPO Mess of the USS Nimitz (CVN68)to the retired shore community for the purposes of fellowship and keeping the concept of the Mess alive and well in our community.
   1970 Navy Boot Camp Company 169, RTC Orlando, FL Preview Go
The year was 1970 with the Kent State incident and other war protest. Yet, these young men enlisted in the Navy. Many became members of the Tonkin Gulf Yacht club during the closing days of the war. The site serves as an online 30th year reunion for the 1970 recruit Company 169.

   H.M.S. Guardian & Captain Edward Riou Preview Go
The H.M.S. Guardian adventure was at the scale of the Titanic for that time period.Built 1784 wrecked 1790 off coast of SA.A clipper 879 tons 44 guns an armed en flute commanded by 26 year old Lt(N)Edward Riou. I have found that Capt.Edward Riou was of exceptional character he embodied what a good officer should be! His good judgement, his compassion, his sense of duty and
   Subs On Display Preview Go
A site with pictures of six submarines. The building of models of the Dutch Walrus and Zwaardvis class submarines is outlined. A virtual tour through the Dutch Tonijn boat, and a lot of model plans.
   United States Navy Nostalgia Site Preview Go
US Navy: RTC Orlando,FL; NTTC Corry Station, Pensacola, FL; NavCamsEastPac Honolulu, Wahiawa, HI; Cryptologic Technician
   Liberty Call Preview Go
A collection of photos and information celebrating the world travels of a US Navy sailor having fun on Liberty
   Navy_Families Homepage Preview Go
My website is designed to bring together the families who have loved ones in the Navy, whether they have been in for a long time, or have just enlist.
   Carrier Aviation News Preview Go
   Andrea's Military Page Preview Go
My site is all about my military career in the Navy, Women in the military, and tribute to sailors lost, POWs/MIA's and much much more. Please come visit my site!!

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