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Notepad Ring - This is the ORIGINAL Notepad WebRing. This is the biggest Notepad WebRing. As a result I'm very careful to ensure that i

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Manager: andrea
This is the ORIGINAL Notepad WebRing. This is the biggest Notepad WebRing. As a result I'm very careful to ensure that it's also the easiest Notepad WebRing to browse. This community is dedicated to those who create web pages using Windows Notepad or other text editors. Members of this ring create unique, one of a kind web pages by hand. No sites made with WYSIWYG non-HTML editors, just simple text editors like Notepad or EMACS.

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   MGB Roadster & GT V8 Preview Go
A Life in the Day of an MGB Roadster and GT V8. Purchase, restoration, use, tech tips and links
   Children's Author Haemi Balgassi Preview Go
Children's author Haemi Balgassi, her family, and her books for children. Features student writing contest, resources for children's writers, and free curriculum printouts for teachers.
   aNgRi AzN gUrL Preview Go
A creative and independent site containing original poetry and songs to computer created artwork.

   Sugar Cub's kennel Preview Go
Om våra Pyrenéerhundar, och våran kennel. Se bilder, läs om både rasen och om våra mysiga hundar. Nu finns även Schäfern representerad i rasbeskrivningen, samt om bruks m.m. About Great Pyrenees and our kennel. Look at pictures, read about the breed and about our dogs, but also about German shephards and working dogs.
   Angelhair's Little Home Page from Canada Preview Go
Things Canadians, giraffes, quotes, poetry and things that interest me
   The Win 3.x Source Preview Go
Windows 3.x programs, games, 16-color wallpaper and more.
   The Technodrome Preview Go
The TMNT fan site run by the bad guys! Stop by for TMNT info, pictures, multimedia, message boards, fanfics, madlibs, polls, and more! "Be there or be square!" --Shredder
   The Slickest Trick in Diapers! Preview Go
Joscelynne's baby brother, Jeremy Preston, arrived via scheduled C-section December 27, 2001, nine days ahead of due date. I'm slowly updating this site to include some photos and information. As for the site title, well, that's just what he thinks he is. Learned to crawl, climb a 6-inch step, and pulling himself up to standing all within a week of one another. He thinks he's pretty darn smart!
   Power Passion Preview Go
Ford Mustang and Harley site with lots of fun stuff .....
   W5WWW-Home of Ron's World! Preview Go
Made with NOTEPAD! This site is dedicated to Law Enforcement & Ham Radio with additional pages on UFOs/The Supernatural, 09-11-01, Texas, etc. You gotta' check it out!

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