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The Neo-Gothic Art Webring - Goth is more than a set of clothes or a dark painting. Its a way of thinking, a manifesto on life and death. It embraces

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The Neo-Gothic Art Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
Goth is more than a set of clothes or a dark painting. Its a way of thinking, a manifesto on life and death. It embraces 18th Century Romanticist ideals, occasionally incorporates Victorian clothing, combines Celtic and Fantasy art, sponsors a rebellious attitude towards government and religion, and critiques the social norm. We're not talking gothic architecture here baby, we're talking about a social movement that stretches beyond fashion, music, art, religion and thinking. [This Ring is a member of the Gothic Unity Network]

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   Goth To Be Different Preview Go
*~A site dedicated to the people that reign the night...~* information about Goths...
   Serpent's Temptation Preview Go
Fetish photography art by Castel. New site featuring leather, corsets, masks and much more.
   miss w. tod Preview Go
thee temple ov psychick blah

   Senari_kayori's realm Preview Go
my domane for my art along with some of my friends, where the gothic forum is accepted and the norm thrown out.
   How to Dance Gothic Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Get your sexy gothic ass out on the dance floor and learn how to dance gothic!
   litote -Convoluted Preview Go
“The burning filters in the Campbell’s Chicken Soup can. I once started a mini-fire, burning pyre to smokers and all of the slow ways to kill oneself. It was a salute to little deaths: smoking, orgasms, illicit drugs, alcohol, gluttonous waste of fossil fuels. The French call it la petite mort." Art.Chaos.Garbage.LasV egas.Magic.Physics.Poe try.Prose.Bon
   Elizabeth Bathory at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Gothic art, photography, architecture and fashion design by Romanian artist/architect Elizabeth Moisei.
   The Gothic Fashion Directory Preview Go
A huge directory of fashion links for all your Gothic needs. Includes featured sites and a separate list for Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion sites. Sites are alphabeticized for ease of use. Submissions welcome.
   Canada's Greatest Artists Preview Go
The Lilith Gallery is creating a "Canadian Art History Database", complete with biographical information about all Canadian artists. If you have biographical information about any Canadian artists from the lists on this page, please feel free to contact us. Some of these artists are difficult to track down information on (even online information can be scarce).
   Gothic & Neo-Gothic Etymology Preview Go
All about the word "gothic", what it means, where it comes from and various sub-topics.

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