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Native American Web Ring - Native American ring, to help further the education of our young, and to promote a better understanding of our culture.

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Native American Web Ring

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Native American ring, to help further the education of our young, and to promote a better understanding of our culture.


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   RCRenegade Environment Conservation Education Site Preview Go
I think that a lot of the problems in the world today stem from lack of respect. I believe that if people learned to respect the world around them that respect with other people would come natural. Respecting the environment encourages consideration and compassion, and discourages selfishness. This site includes some of my own studies and links to other web related sites.
   Spirit of the Warrior - Indian Dave's Web Site Preview Go
Member of the Blackfoot nation presents his site of spiritual insight, original poetry,& personal interests including Harley Davidson & Carlos Santana, his professional life including his career as a high school coach, his nonprofit community service organization & young adults service club.
   The Wolfs Den Creations Preview Go
Handmade Native American Crafts such as smudge fans, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, jewelry, crystals, carved bison bone pendants, carved fossil ivory pendants, spiral chi energy pendants, watches, shaman bag, medicine bags, drum beaters, Hair clips,medicine wheels. Reiki energy and smudging is included.

   Christo-Pagan Chicago Preview Go
Would it be too selfish to ask you to drop by to clear up misconceptions regarding Native American beliefs? Non-Native American run (but respectful) Networking list for Polytheistic people in the Chicago metropolitan area who practice a religion which has something in common with "mainline" Christianity and some religion that came before the Christian missionaries showed up.
   James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door Preview Go
This site's owner is a registered member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma; A site section celebrates his Native American heritage; James S Huggins is an eclectic professional speaker, author & technologist; His personal site, the Refrigerator Door, also features information, stories and humor that interest him as well as one of the net's most extensive information resources o
   Peace Beads Preview Go
to generate global peace, peace beads are given by one person to another in the same spirit that made original peace beads popular in the 1960s. The necklace is specially hand crafted by Native Americans who believe that peace between nations begins with true peace within the souls of individuals. Choose peace...give peace beads.
   On This Date in North American Indian History Preview Go
I list thousands of historical events on a day-by-day basis; tribal name meanings & alternative names; calendar information; and thousands of links to other sites.
   Lady Raven's Nest Preview Go
This is a personal site for Kim (Munn) Goebel and her family. Kim is of Aboriginal Descent and this site reflects her Native heritage. At this point it is believed that her Native ancestry is with the Mi'kmaq people but research is still on-going. Other possible roots are Ojibwa, Mohawk, Lakota, Cherokee and Navajo. The name we believe linked to our Native ancestry is Clowater which was originally Clearwater. This site has links to Mi'kmaq sites of interest where you can learn about the Mi'kmaq culture.
   Native Art Network Preview Go
Native Art Network. Featuring the best of Native American Fine Art from the artists themselves. We provide a professional internet presence for Native American artists while educating visitors about the people, culture and art of the North American Tribes. Native Art Network is 100% Native owned and operated.
   Spirit Vision Crafts Preview Go
This site is a multitribal family run site. It provides links, webrings, information,etc for genealogy, education, and other items to help others. This site is constantly growing so check in often.

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