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Multiverse Slash - Welcome to the Multiverse Slash Ring. We accept membership from any web site that has slash (M/M or F/F) stories for any

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Multiverse Slash

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Manager: systemx
Welcome to the Multiverse Slash Ring. We accept membership from any web site that has slash (M/M or F/F) stories for any fandoms, especially my favorite fandoms: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel: The Series, Highlander, Queer As Folk, The Sentinel, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, Star Trek: Voyager, Poltergeist: The Legacy, and the Marvel and DC Universes.

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   STORYGATE: Fan Fiction by Joolz Preview Go
Multi-fandom Gen and Adult fic- mostly slash, including Torchwood/Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Numb3rs, Smallville, Sentinel, Man from UNCLE, Harry Potter.
   Sheshat's Online Library Preview Go
Multi-fandom archive, including all genres and ratings, for BeastMaster, Buffy/Angel, B5/Crusade, due South, Farscape, Highlander, Sentinel, Stargate SG1, and much more. Submissions welcome!
   Stiney's Slashporium Preview Go
My own little spot on the 'Net for Slash stories about the A-Team.

   Eroticisms Fiction Preview Go
The fiction blog for one erotica and romance author.
   Queer As Folk Italy Preview Go
It's a Queer As Folk Italian fan site. Stuff from QAF (UK Version mostly becouse it's the only in italian language too).
   First Time's a Charm slash Preview Go
Archive of the First Time's a Charm slash list at yahoo http://groups.yahoo.co m/group/first_times_a_ charm_slash/) First Time slash stories in nearly 50 fandoms, some original stories, too. Any fandom, any pairing accepted. You can join the list or mail me directly if you want a story published.
   The TOS Twins Preview Go
Fanfiction in German and English (mostly Star Trek) by Lady Charena and T'Len
   shrift's fan fiction Preview Go
A personal archive of shrift's fan fiction, slashing: Alias, Angel, Buffy, due South, Farscape, Hard Core Logo, Highlander, Pirates of the Caribbean, Smallville, Sorority Boys, Sports Night Velvet Goldmine, X-Files, etc.
   Buffy Fiction Archive Preview Go
An all-inclusive, automated archive for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series fan fiction.
   The Twins' Web Site Preview Go
Host lots of fanfic for various fandoms includiong slash for StarWars TPM, New Professionals and Invisible Man.

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