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Message Board Based 'Para' RPG's - This is a webring for all of you who own or enjoy playing message board based RPG's. For those of you who like to create

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Message Board Based 'Para' RPG's

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Manager: system2
This is a webring for all of you who own or enjoy playing message board based RPG's. For those of you who like to create your characters path and venture down it yourself, using magic and any other ways you can think of. If that's the kind of RPG you like then this is the webring for you :)

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   The Element Controllers Preview Go
A present-day fantasy set in alternate dimensions, live out every day life on Earth, meet with the EC council on Etopei, travel through time and space in the TruePlane, or battle Chaos and his minions in the Chaos Realm. Played on an Invisionfree board, our members display their literary talent. A helpful staff, easy-to-navigate site, and welcoming members make the Element
   Distant Stars Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The galaxy of distant stars awaits...War rages on a distant planet. The government fights the rebels, the rebels fight back. A galaxy where anything could happen at any moment, a galaxy where you write your own story, the way you want it to happen.
   Mortality Bites Preview Go
RPG: The town of Sanswick has had a sudden surge of paranormal activity, things flying by themselves, doors trapping people in their homes, freak drafts and hot spots, terrifying noises and even some disturbing images are showering down on them. The Evans Psychic Research Society are quick on the scene, but they seem to be the target of an unknown ghost's wrath...Have they finally bitten off more than they can chew?%0

   Badlands fantasy roleplay Preview 1 review(s) — Go
This is a fantasy genre original MBRPG, it requres you to be 18+ as we want only mature roleplay
   A One Piece RPG, One Dream Adventure: Eternal Preview Go
A roleplay site based on One Piece anime and manga. Members can create a pirate, marine, bounty hunter, or other unique character and explore the One Piece world.
   WCW Preview Go
We are a fantasy role playing website for people who love wrestling. Build your own custom Wrestler. two shows a week with new story lines being created weekly. If you would like to join us please fillout an application.
~Wild Horse Island~ Created circa 2002, still active and going strong! WHI is an RPG that has something for everyone: Horses, Humans, Unicorns, Wolves and more! Come join us at Wild Horse Island where creativity knows no bounds. Ask for irThumper (~~Owner Proxy~~) at the Suggestions Board if you need help or have any questions :) Come and play, we'
   Rpg City Preview Go
simply a forumbased rpg where you create a character and play as them. sorry, there isn't any "battling" like some other forum-based rpg's have. :(

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